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Okay, so thanks to MN I am now having a bra and cosy situation as well as jeans situtation...

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D0oinMeCleanin Fri 19-Jul-13 08:44:16

The jeans situation - I am allergic to belt buckles with a dog in each hand I have no hands left to hold up my jeans. Not a good luck when walking the dogs at school run tine grin

The bra situation - I have apparently lost 3 back sizes and gained eleventy million cup sizes.

Now I am skint but going on holiday soon. I need 3 bras, all multiway if possible, one in nude, one black and one white. Last years Bravissimo cosy, bought from Bravissimo but measured by M&S has never fit right. I was hoping now I've lost weight it will fit better, but it's 40D and I've just measured at a 38FF. The cosy won't fit will it?

It's going to be worth spending my jeans money on bras and just coping with the jeans for now, won't it?

I have a hen night the day we come back off holiday, but will have money for new jeans or whatever by then. A bra will make a bigger difference than jeans won't it?

If I go to Bravissimo to buy the cosy can I then take myself off to a cheaper shop for bras? Will the fit be similar?

HotelTangoFoxtrotUniform Fri 19-Jul-13 08:46:40

Can you paint your belt buckles with clear nail varnish so you don't come into contact with them and then spend the jeans money on bras?

Also try Brastop and EBay for bras/cossie - they're about 1/3 of the price of Bravissimo!

D0oinMeCleanin Fri 19-Jul-13 08:51:05

Does that actually work? With the nail varnish?

I might tell DH he needs to buy me a solid gold belt buckle grin I am not allergic to real gold, only cheap gold.

I wanted to buy the bras from a shop, despite my love of online shopping I'd really love to have an amazing bra, so wanted to try them on. Having read how much difference a well fitted bra can make to your shape.

HotelTangoFoxtrotUniform Fri 19-Jul-13 09:04:48

I've successfully done it to the back of watches for years, so yes I think it works!

You might do well in the sales at the moment, and I totally agree re buying bras in the shops, so it's probably worth hitting the department stores. I now buy mine online as have tiny back/reasonable bust issue and barely anyone stocks for me - the post office chap must think I have a real problem with how much I buy and then send back!

mysteryfairy Fri 19-Jul-13 09:05:05

What's a bravissimo cosy? Just searched the site and nothing came up and I honestly don't know what one is.

misskatamari Fri 19-Jul-13 09:07:13

I have 36E boobs and have found some lovely ones at debenhams recently that are pretty and supportive. They do loads in bigger sizes. I never think to try there for bras but did on the off chance and was so impressed - might be worth a look as they have a huge selection!

D0oinMeCleanin Fri 19-Jul-13 09:08:05

I was going to get the train up to Newcastle on my day off, since we have M&S, M&S or um M&S in our town to choose from if you a decent bra hmm

Plus it will probably be worth actually trying on my cosy at Bravissimo and getting some fitting advise on it, instead of just ordering online and hoping for the best.

I will buy a belt and some nail varnish tomorrow.

D0oinMeCleanin Fri 19-Jul-13 09:09:39

Here mysteryfairy I need it, I don't just want it, I actually need it to make my life complete grin

Pascha Fri 19-Jul-13 09:12:47

Oh a cossie! A swimming cossie! I was picturing tea-cosies! grin

D0oinMeCleanin Fri 19-Jul-13 09:14:03


I've never how cossie is supposed to be spelt but I am too lazy out swimming costume.

Pascha Fri 19-Jul-13 09:16:23

grin the extra s makes them sound different to me.

I have no advice, BTW, I was just intrigued by what a cosy had to do with underwear and belts...

D0oinMeCleanin Fri 19-Jul-13 09:32:51

Yes, I suppose it does make more sense with the extra s otherwise it is just cosy as in cosy blanket or tea cosy.

I don't want to go swimming in a tea cosy grin I can't imagine I would find one big enough to cover even my nipples.

So better bras will make a bigger difference to me and my self esteem than jeans will, considering I am not taking the jeans on holiday anyway, they are for work and dog walking?

And the cossie is essential, imo.

SoupDragon Fri 19-Jul-13 09:35:09

I was imagining tea cosies too smile Then I decided it was, perhaps, the name of a bra (clearly a very comfortable one grin)

SoupDragon Fri 19-Jul-13 09:35:48

Oh, and yes, the nail varnish works - you may have to reapply it as it wears off though.

ClartyCarol Fri 19-Jul-13 09:41:38

I was also thinking Bravissimo must do a bra which really cuddles your boobs, and keeps them warm and snug grin.

OP, could you wear a close fitting vest/camisole under your tops and tucked into your jeans until you get the belt issue sorted. Obviously an extra layer is not ideal in this weather(!) but it will stop the buckle coming into contact with your skin if the nail varnish trick doesn't work.

D0oinMeCleanin Fri 19-Jul-13 09:46:35

I don't think a cosy bra would be very comfortable in Turkey, it was 40deg in the shade the first time we went grin

I could just tuck my top in when I sit down, that's what I do when I wear fancy jeans or skirts with big buttons that irritate me, so I imagine it would work with a belt.

I'd never thought of putting nail varnish on them.

BewitchedBotheredandBewildered Fri 19-Jul-13 10:10:46

The nail varnish does work, I've done it on cheap earring posts and the butterfly bit. You have to keep re-doing though.

mysteryfairy Fri 19-Jul-13 13:14:40

Ah the cosy thing is clear now! I was totally mystified - imagining some sort of woolly shrug but couldn't work out why it would be bra sized! I really think you should have a look at bra stop, eBay etc for costumes. Maybe try on in a bricks and mortar shop to get an idea of the fit of different brands first e,g. I have a Freya bikini tried on in House of Fraser and then bought for a third of the price off eBay.

On the jeans issue couldn't you buy a narrow belt so the buckle only came into contact with denim? My tops always cover the top of my jeans. I try to avoid buying jeans that don't fit without a belt but when I do have to wear a belt quite often use a kids snake belt - it's orange too but no one sees it!

SanityClause Sat 20-Jul-13 19:33:52

Pull a long scarf through your belt hooks, and tie it up to use as a belt?

Have you tried the cossie on? Because that's not a huge difference in back size, if it's adjustable, unless it was on the smallest hook already. (ignore if not adjustable) Also a bit of spillage is less of an issue for a cossie than for a bra. So, it might do, even if it is the wrong size.

D0oinMeCleanin Sun 21-Jul-13 11:47:30

Ooh a scarf is a good idea. I haven't tried last years cossie on. It is adjustable, it's the same style as the one I want this year, but different colours.

I think I have stretched it though, I was 44inch back last time I wore it but bought it anyway and hoped for the best because I couldn't find one in my size with boob support. I know I was a 44, I measured it myself, so it wasn't M&S adding on numbers. It was very uncomfortable the first few wears and I couldn't fasten the band across my back where it should be, I had to pull it down lower, where I am narrower, but then it stopped being so painful so I assumed it stretched.

Anyway I don't want one that nearly fits. I want one that looks as good as possible. I'd also like to be able to play with the kids without worrying about my boobs popping out like last year blush

I have literally worked my arse off to look and feel a bit better about myself for this holiday and have done no-where near as good as I hoped I would and still feel like shit about myself. I set my goals too high, I've done the best I could have, but to me it's not enough. I can't really see a difference in my shape. I know I've lost inches, but to me it hasn't made a noticeable difference. Other people from the gym have told me they see a massive difference.e, but I can't see it and no-one from outside of the gym has noticed.

I'm hoping an awesome cossie and some decent bras will make me feel slightly better about the lack of change in my body shape.

StatisticallyChallenged Sun 21-Jul-13 12:14:19

I'd go for the bras and cossie everytime - they make everything you own look better and when you've worked so hard will really show off your weight loss.

coffeewineandchocolate Sun 21-Jul-13 12:21:45

plan of action..

go to bravissimo and get measured
try on bras and swim suits and find some you like.
DONT buy!- tell them dh wants to buy as present and wanted to know what size you were
take note of size and style
look for size and style on or Amazon. I can get panache bras on there for about a tenner new
buy loads of long scarves as belts or some new jeans!

D0oinMeCleanin Sun 21-Jul-13 12:26:12

DH has told me he will order me some jeans off one of his credit accounts and I can pay for them when the bill comes which will be after our holiday so I will have the money for them by then but I am still taking note of the belt suggestions because I am not giving up on my efforts to feel better about myself, so hopefully my new jeans won't ft me for long.

I was planning on getting meausured at Barvissimo, buying the cossie there because I luffs it and then getting bras elsewhere. How long do brastop take to deliver? If I ordered next Monday, the 29th, would they arrive before the 9th of August?

StatisticallyChallenged Sun 21-Jul-13 12:28:33

Brastop are pretty swift usually

D0oinMeCleanin Sun 21-Jul-13 12:32:13

I might look on Amazon too. I have a Prime account, so they'll definitely arrive on time.

I am torn now because I also need this cossie in a variety of colours and can't decide which cossie I need the most. I think I might need all of them grin

I shouldn't have looked at the BraStop link.

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