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Surgery for tubular breasts (hypoplastic)?

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changedforaday Thu 18-Jul-13 16:40:54

As the title says, has anyone been through this?

I am considering it more and more after crying in yet another changing room today trying to find summer dresses/bras/strappy tops which make me look vaguely feminine and attractive.

I am worried about the cost of surgery, the recovery time (I have a two year old) and just everything really!

Has anyone any experience? Would love to hear.

TheMouseDancing Fri 19-Jul-13 14:40:58

I hadn't heard of tubular breasts until reading this thread but am now thinking this is what I have.

I had always been very unhappy with my breasts and decided to have breast implants 5 years ago.

Prior to my surgery I had no breast tissue on the right and a very small amount on the left, my implants we placed behind the muscle and I went to a 34b. I was concerned that the implant would be visible but they look very natural. I had some mild discomfort after surgery and was back to work in 2 weeks.

I had my dd 15 months ago and tried to breast feed but didn't produce enough milk and had to switch I formula.

Change - it might be worth you seeing your gp but I would be happy to recommend the surgeon I used, she was fantastic and I had consultations with a few surgeons before choosing this one.

changedforaday Sat 20-Jul-13 15:05:02

TheMouseDancing - I would love to know who your surgeon was as a starting point - thank you very much.

I have been speaking to my husband again today and he is very supportive about the idea of surgery. My concern is really the recovery time, time off work for it and appts and how on earth I will cope with my son afterwards. We don't have any family nearby. I also wouldn't want to tell people. I wouldn't want 'changed is having implants' to be a thing for people to gossip about, even less than I would like having to explain why I was having surgery in the first place.

Does anyone know why some people have this? From googling it seems it can be hereditary but my mother definitely did not have this problem.

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