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So, I'm tweeting about bras with M&S. Who wants to tell me which stores have given incorrect measurements?

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WeAreSix Thu 18-Jul-13 14:31:32

They have asked which store fitted incorrectly. Apparently they've invested a lot into their Bra fitting and would like to know which stores have incorrectly measured / fitted.

Shall we give them a list?!

celticclan Tue 06-Aug-13 09:41:21

Not going to measure you.

mirai Wed 07-Aug-13 07:39:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Relaxedandhappyperson Wed 07-Aug-13 07:43:49

Tweeting about bras?

My god - do you have nothing better to do with your life? Make a proper complaint if you feel like it - but "tweeting". FGS!

Twitter is SUCH a stupid invention.

flatmum Wed 07-Aug-13 07:45:05

every one I've been in. I get my pants from M and S but you couldn't pay me to get a bra there - they're woeful

tomatoplantproject Wed 07-Aug-13 07:47:38

Bath - the fitter was really sloppy.

I then went to selfridges and got fitted by a lady who really took her time.

VeryDullNameChange Wed 07-Aug-13 08:53:47

Seconding (thirding, fourthing) John Lewis for a good basic fit.

This is a huge opportunity for M&S if they could take it - they do make bras in lots of common sizes that women would be intervened into. 30D through to 34GG must cover a big percentage of women and they'd move a lot of women like Dooin down from sizes like 44C, which they don't stock, into 38G which they do. All they have to do is up their game on the 26 and 28s ( most M&S customers aren't that slim but they want to hook the teenagers young and keep them for life), and broaden their 30 range so it goes to GG rather than D and they're laughing, because Sainsburys, Asda and New Look would never be able to shift their range fast enough. Admittedly "We're sorry we've been torturing your boobs all these years but we're going to do better now" will be a tough slogan to pull off.

Coconutty Wed 07-Aug-13 09:13:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

DoristheCamel Fri 25-Jul-14 12:47:59

Did M&S ever respond to this thread/tweet?

Tiggywinklespinny Mon 28-Jul-14 07:36:44

Plymouth Devon, I'm a 32F in Bravissimo. M&S measured me as a 38C...38 ffs!!!!! Their bras are overall a poor fit I feel.

Picturesinthefirelight Mon 28-Jul-14 08:07:23

Hanley fitted me as 34/36C

I'm actually 32 D/DD

Picturesinthefirelight Mon 28-Jul-14 08:08:05

I measure closer to 30 band (31) but 30 band us far too tight.

Marks continues to deny any problems at all...

Picturesinthefirelight Mon 28-Jul-14 08:10:36

Have to admit M & S is the only place I can get 12 ye dd a bra to fit (but I don't let them measure her.

She's wearing 28B (I think she's closer to 26C but they don't make them. Elsewhere I can only get 28 band in AA or A

HotPinkWeaselWearingLederhosen Mon 28-Jul-14 08:19:00


Before breast surgery I left in tears as they wanted to know what was "wrong" with me. And said they didn't have bras to fit me. (To be fair I had a similar but more polite experience in Debenhams as well hmm)

Banbury (after surgery)

Wanted to put me in a 34D - I'm a 30FF.

BookFairy Mon 28-Jul-14 08:29:52

Southport : 36B.
I am actually 34DD.

Not surprised M+S are denying that there are problems, have you seen their new ad campaign?

AntoinetteCosway Mon 28-Jul-14 08:46:58

York fitted me as a 36D when I was a 32F.

Chopsypie Mon 28-Jul-14 08:54:31

Middlesbrough m&s fitted me as 38e. I'm a 34ff

Littlemoocow Mon 28-Jul-14 09:01:44

Cheadle measured me as 36d and I am actually 32f

AnnDaloozier Mon 28-Jul-14 09:09:41

I think they don't want people to feel they have weirdy big boobs. Plus bigger bras are more ££ to make so profit is less.

I buy off figleaves or from local place in the south west

enormouse Mon 28-Jul-14 09:28:56

Over several years

They measured me as a 32c. I'm a 28e.

SilveryMoon Mon 28-Jul-14 09:32:28

Staines - measured and sold me a 40C. I currently wear a 36DD.

DoristheCamel Mon 28-Jul-14 09:33:12

Hey - evryone - this is a really old thread.

Its over a year old.

I came across it when googling where to go to get myself measured. I wondered as 1 year has passed if M&S had responded and how.

Does anyone know?

ivykaty44 Mon 28-Jul-14 09:41:25

Leamington spa were rubbish at best

Doris I tweeted them extensively but they just deny and say everything is an isolated incident

MagicSeeker Mon 28-Jul-14 12:43:16

I went to the Swindon store to be measured for a nursing bra in December. The lady who measured me said they didn't have the size she thought I was in stock, "but this one would be ok instead" hmm Needless to say I left it and got one from Bravissimo! In fact, I had a consultation on the phone with them and the lady got the size spot on - it fitted perfectly when it arrived. I'll never buy a bra from M&S again.

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