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Cracked heel balms, do they work?

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babysaurus Mon 15-Jul-13 18:14:29

My heels are looking a bit worse for wear and one in particular is developing a couple of mildly painful cracks. Obviously I don't want them to get worse so have had a small rub with a pumice but am also wondering if those heel creams, or anything similar, are worth it too...?

NoComet Tue 16-Jul-13 00:18:09

Yes Flexitol works like a charm. Body shop's thick body butter, the stuff in the round pots is great as a preventive, but Flexitol if you let then crack.

Yonihadtoask Tue 16-Jul-13 09:12:49

The trick is to try and remember to use something daily.
If you miss a couple of days or more then you soon get out of the habit, and feet get hard skin again.

CocktailQueen Tue 16-Jul-13 23:00:26

I love going to a chiropodist - they scrape all the dead hard skin off, and my feet feel lovely after.

foot file ... best ever my feet are fab grin

valiumredhead Sat 20-Jul-13 14:07:45

I bought the soap and glory foot file...OMG shock it's incredible!

LadyMilfordHaven Sat 20-Jul-13 14:09:43

the foot file is for mere AMATEURS

you want the urea based heel balm and THIS beauty here

Imagine your hard skin like a block of cheese - this PEELS it off.

valiumredhead Sat 20-Jul-13 18:56:30

I've used one of them before but ime the file leaves a nicer finishgrin

Chicinwellies Sat 20-Jul-13 19:26:42

Flexitol and S&G Foot buffer CANNOT be beaten as a combination. I wear wellies oct - march and april - sept flip flops on the cornish coast, my feet take a battering and this duo are the only things that work !

cherrytiu Wed 07-Aug-13 02:10:42

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PeriodMath Wed 07-Aug-13 02:17:16

Ooh, I always file dry feet then rinse in the shower. Can't imagine doing it wet. Wouldn't the skin be too soft to get much off?

vjg13 Wed 07-Aug-13 11:27:49

Just ordered the Footner peel stuff from Boots, can't wait!!

Keztrel Wed 07-Aug-13 12:26:33

When I use Eucerin 10% urea lotion on my feet most days they never get dry or cracked (it also stops my slightly ingrowing toenails from hurting). It's much nicer to apply than those thick, stinky heel balms!

MadBusLady Wed 07-Aug-13 12:29:47

I have hooves. Only flexitol and Newtons Chiropody Sponge works. About three quid on Amazon, Boots don't do it any more, the fools. Makes pumice look like marshmallow. I just use those once a week, couldn't be bothered to do footcare every day.

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