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is there anything like shellac, you can do at home? i don't mind buying a kit?

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whiteandyellowiris Fri 12-Jul-13 12:07:13

desperately trying to stop bitting my nails

im doing quite well so far, and they are growing
but now I want ot strengthen them and do something to keep me from bitting them

so I was thinking of some sort of shellac French manicure kit

any ideas?

kathryn77 Fri 12-Jul-13 12:10:25

You can get a kit from Tescos. I think it as about £60 for the uv lamp and starter kit ( and then you buy more nail varnish like you normally would.

whiteandyellowiris Fri 12-Jul-13 12:47:05

oh thanks Kathryn, i'll look in there later then smile

CMOTDibbler Fri 12-Jul-13 14:46:55

I got the shellacs and a lamp on ebay - cost me £70 for 4 colours and the lamp. So easy to do, and I love how my nails look

mirai Fri 12-Jul-13 14:49:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ImNotBloody14 Fri 12-Jul-13 15:00:38

Try sallys salon suppliers. They have gellish and their own brand( cant remember the name)

sergeantmajor Fri 12-Jul-13 15:03:27

Vinylux - which I think I heard about on here initially
Lasts about a week chip-free, no lamp necessary

sweetheart Fri 12-Jul-13 15:07:02

Boots sell the Sensasionail stuff, including a starter kit that my sisters brought me for my last birthday which is really good. Comes with full instructions and everything you need to get you started.

whiteandyellowiris Fri 12-Jul-13 15:54:13

I think that vinlux stuff would be good when I get them longer and in better condition

I think ill look in tescos and boots and at sallyssalon
and have a scout on ebay too

cornypony Fri 12-Jul-13 15:56:35

is this for your hols? smile
I could do with sorting mine out as well.

whiteandyellowiris Fri 12-Jul-13 16:02:34

Not esp for my hols corny, just for my looks in general. I used ti be a nailbitter as a kid, then stopped about about age 21, then started butting them again about 18minths ago
And I'm now on the verge of stopping again
This is the best they've been for some time

How are you anyway ?

cornypony Fri 12-Jul-13 16:17:18

I'm fine thanks white....counting down the days till school finishes and I get to lie about on the couch all day.

I've never managed nice nails. I'm always envious of people who are really well groomed and have nice hands and feet. I can sort them out for special occasions but it's a full days work!

whiteandyellowiris Fri 12-Jul-13 16:22:48

lol, im looking forward to the hols with dd, but im also thinking only one more week of peace before the chaos begins!

I always do my toes lovely, as ive never bitten them!
so I overcompensate for my hands with my feet!

I;m going to treat myself to some sort of shellac or shellac type kit

im trying to decide if we should go to bourton on the water for a picnic and a paddle tomorrow, or somewhere in Derbyshire, both take about 1 hr 30mins to get to
going to make an extra nice picnic and have a paddle

whiteandyellowiris Fri 12-Jul-13 16:23:30

actually all this sun has probably helped them grow

cornypony Fri 12-Jul-13 18:06:24

my feet need some TLC. I daren't get them out!
I have a voucher for a beauty treatment I could use - I need to use it up. Must do it.

whiteandyellowiris Fri 12-Jul-13 18:11:08

they can't be that bad!!

whats up with them? dry skin?

whiteandyellowiris Fri 12-Jul-13 21:34:59

ive just done a sally Hansen French manicure, as that's all I have at home atm
and they look really nice, best they have looked in a long long timesmile

and ive done my toes too

now I really want something that will last longer

cornypony Fri 12-Jul-13 23:47:22

dry skin!
I need some more flexitol but boots is a bugger to get to and their website is crap.

ShaggingZumbaStylee Fri 12-Jul-13 23:49:20

It s harder than it looks! The liquid is so watery - need lots of patience!

I have the gellish one. smile

whiteandyellowiris Fri 12-Jul-13 23:54:19

Is.flexitol.good? How.expensive is it ?

I'm.fairly.good at patience. But sounds tricky if it really is.watery
What is gelish ?

I quite fancy a spa day actually

cornypony Sat 13-Jul-13 00:01:09

Flexitol is brilliant.
boots usually do good offers on it so I try to buy it there.

cornypony Sat 13-Jul-13 00:01:29

what's with all the full stops?! grin

whiteandyellowiris Sat 13-Jul-13 00:03:37

Oh sorry about the full stops, I'm on my phone in bed.
For some reason my phone does loads of full stops everywhere
I feel sorry for people I text!
I'm gonna try flexitol then.

cornypony Sat 13-Jul-13 00:06:59

Lol white! grin I'm crap on my phone too. In fact it's taken me 3 goes to get this post right and I'm on the pc <although I've had most of a bottle of wine and have started on the schnapps>

Thank the Lord for spell checker!

whiteandyellowiris Sat 13-Jul-13 08:35:05

Hmmm I have now taken to sniffing wine lol

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