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Style guru's opinions please!

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alicemama Mon 05-Jun-06 22:45:41

found this dress and thinking it would be nice for a do I have to go to soon with dh...and hopefully a bargain
hope this works?

what do you think?
I'm size 18 with hips and big norks

alicemama Mon 05-Jun-06 22:46:13

Hooray!!!!! my link actually worked

moondog Mon 05-Jun-06 22:47:07

Hmm,looks lie a late 80s sofa to me.
But oddly..could be fab too.

bundle Mon 05-Jun-06 22:48:21

don't like the big patterned thing at the bottom

alicemama Mon 05-Jun-06 22:48:51

Brown/copper curly hair and I'm quite fair.

Was thinking it might look cute with a little cardi or pashmina and kitten heel sandels??

spacedonkey Mon 05-Jun-06 22:49:44

I like it - very pretty

spacedonkey Mon 05-Jun-06 22:51:07

although I should point out I'm not a style guru

alicemama Mon 05-Jun-06 22:53:13

everybody has more style than me at the that makes you a style guru in my eyes

moondog Mon 05-Jun-06 22:56:13

That could work am..
Are you a sexy curvy type??
(Dear God,it sounds like I am coming onto you!)

alicemama Mon 05-Jun-06 22:59:22

I am quite curvy, can actually see a waist and altho have hips and big norks, my legs are quite nice...well i think?

moondog Mon 05-Jun-06 23:02:16

You can get away with a lot if you have shapely ankles.

alicemama Mon 05-Jun-06 23:06:04

My mom and sister hate me as they have...dare I say it "chubby ankles"......and I don't!

Oh well they're both stick thin everywhere else where it counts

MamaG Mon 05-Jun-06 23:07:49

I really like the shape and colour, whcih I think will look fab on your shape, but I'm not overly keen on the big flowers...could look either fab or a bit rubbish

flutterbee Mon 05-Jun-06 23:17:20

I think it's lovely and will be perfect with a little shrug.

collision Mon 05-Jun-06 23:19:19

I think it could be lovely but it is a size 16 and you are an 18 so might not fit! (Sorry)

CountessDracula Mon 05-Jun-06 23:26:37

yes but monsoon sizes huuuuge

alicemama Tue 06-Jun-06 12:33:49

Right decided on the dress, even if don't win off e-bay I think I'll get it from monsoon.....

No I need shoes!!!! I was thinking little kitten heel sandal or similar.....any ideas greatly appreciated

LadyCodofCOdford Tue 06-Jun-06 12:34:15

no not for a 18

LadyCodofCOdford Tue 06-Jun-06 12:34:45

i9d not do straples ad iam a 12/14

wht on earth will you do with your boobs?
are your arms reallyhtin?

alicemama Tue 06-Jun-06 12:38:37

Arms are ok and bought a little crochet cardi/shrug to wear with it...I also have a very good strapless bra

Beetroot Tue 06-Jun-06 12:39:56

i think it will look terrble.

Big norks need support

alicemama Tue 06-Jun-06 12:41:04

Ok maybe I'll need help finding a dress as well then......pleassse

LadyCodofCOdford Tue 06-Jun-06 12:41:32

yes we will halp

whats the do

alicemama Tue 06-Jun-06 12:42:49

retirement do for dh's work... don't want to wear trousers tho.
perhaps the other dress will give you an idea of what I like...nothing too bling/ sequins tho

MeAndMyBoy Tue 06-Jun-06 12:43:09

Wow that's gorgeous would look lovely with a little cardi or pashmina

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