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Posh tunic?

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britishbakeoff Mon 08-Jul-13 09:51:47

I wonder if anyone can help me. I'm looking for a long, smart (and preferably beautiful) tunic-type thing, to wear either with tights or trousers. Not a floaty beachwear kaftan, but something that would look good at a posh do. Possibly embroidered; possibly Indian-style; possibly not - I'm open to suggestions.

Thank you!

britishbakeoff Mon 08-Jul-13 17:46:19

Trying again for the stylish evening crowd.

rubylovesshopping Mon 08-Jul-13 18:11:04

I think tunics are very casual items if clothing would be hard to dress up enough for posh evening event if you're wearing with tights why not a dress? I did have a navy silk embellished tunic from boden a while back I wore it as a dress they came in navy and dark grey and were lined. I ebayed it if that's the sort of thing you're thinking I can track one down and link later on?

britishbakeoff Mon 08-Jul-13 18:29:34

Thanks, ruby - that would be great.

justaweeone Mon 08-Jul-13 19:18:34

In what colour and size as I may have something I was going to eBay

rubylovesshopping Mon 08-Jul-13 20:03:34

it was like this

rubylovesshopping Mon 08-Jul-13 20:05:57

lots here

timidviper Mon 08-Jul-13 20:10:47

I bought a tunic last week which really surprised me as it looks much better on than in the pictures and is from Bon Marche which I always thought was an old lady shop. (Am just hoping I don't run into any old ladies wearing it now!) I wore it as smart casual but it might dress up with chunky jewellery.,4,shop,shopbycollection,davidemanuel&bklist=icat,4,shop,shopbycollection,davidemanuel

timidviper Mon 08-Jul-13 20:18:38

Actually I am embarrased by the picture I've linked to, it looks truly awful blush but, I kid you not, I wore it on Saturday night with straight leg black trousers and got lots of compliments

britishbakeoff Mon 08-Jul-13 22:51:10

Thank you, ruby and timidviper. Lots to choose from there.

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