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High SPF face cream that doesn't leave a white sheen?

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Queasyrider Sun 07-Jul-13 10:13:56

Can anyone recommend a face cream with a high factor SPF that doesn't leave a white shiny sheen?
I've tried Ultrasun Face SPF 30 and La Roche Posay Anthelios XL SPF 50 melt in cream. Both feel lovely but leave me looking slightly ghostly.
Ideally I'd like something non greasy that I can use under make up but that won't look odd without make up on a lazy day! Thanks.

MrsCampbellBlack Sun 07-Jul-13 10:16:13

I'd like the same. Just slathered Anthelios on and am looking ghostly

AwkwardSquad Sun 07-Jul-13 10:31:53

I've been mixing Anthelios with my moisturiser and it's not leaving me looking ghostly. At least I don't think it is! I've not had any concerned questions about my wellbeing yet, anyway.

Iatemyskinnyperson Sun 07-Jul-13 11:09:36

Someone on here recommended

It's excellent, very light & just vanishes when you put it on. I'd also reccomend a good BB or CC cream- one with SPF 30 or more. Estée Lauder or Clinique both have. I feel you have a bit more staying power with these.

JennySense Sun 07-Jul-13 11:27:58

I use a dr Brandt bb that has a SPF of 30 and I'm just about to get some tinted Skinceuticals sunblock that has a SPF of 50. LRP also do a BB with a factor of 20. Anthelios give me the ghost look too.

hettie Sun 07-Jul-13 11:30:42

I've said it elsewhere but it's worth repeating.... sunsense is the bees knees.... they are all quite good personally I use this one. It's so light, no white streaks, doesn't feel sticky etc etc...oh and if your skin is ok the tint means you can get away without foundation...

Fairydogmother Sun 07-Jul-13 11:32:07

Dermalogica sun care is great. I use the tinted one on my face

JennySense Sun 07-Jul-13 11:55:52

Hettie ordered some sunsense yesterday - not that one though - the Daily Face SPF50+ Invisible Tint Finish Sunscreen and the Anti-Ageing Face SPF50 Sunscreen
Must be a good thing that they have several different types!

melbie Sun 07-Jul-13 12:30:52

I love origins a perfect world SPF 25 if that is high enough?

MaybeBentley Sun 07-Jul-13 12:37:00

Have you thought of this powder instead of a cream. I love it and use it on exposed arms, neck, etc. as well Love the fact that it doesn't leak all over the bottom of my bag and take one everywhere with me at this time of year.,default,pd.html

missbopeep Sun 07-Jul-13 13:55:18

The whiteness is from the titanium dioxide which gives better protection compared to chemical screens.

TBH I don't ind as I tend to use foundation over the top.

I like Clinique City Block spf 40 but just bought some Boots No 7 spf50 for face- dark spot protector or some such name- with a voucher so got it for £7 and it's nice- but you do get a bit of whiteness.

I'm using a Soap and Glory one at the mo. Cheap as chips and I'm pretty impressed with it, it sinks right in, is none greasy and SPF25.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sun 07-Jul-13 14:40:08


I bought a kit last year which had a Factor 30 face/ anti-ageing. I was a bit hmm but I really liked it. Just use instead of my day moisturiser after my shower.

I've ordered a duo pack (QVC but John Lewis and IIRC M&S sell it)

No white marks, rubs in nicely.
They do a Factor 50 as well but I've not used that. I use 50 on the DC but they don't need the anti-ageing cream one.

ParkerTheThief Sun 07-Jul-13 14:40:40

I'm using the Soap and Glory 25 SFP as well and I really like it.

missbopeep Sun 07-Jul-13 14:55:59

SPF 25 is not really quite high enough from what I've heard dermos say.

You also need to use enough and slather it on every 1-2 hrs on a hot day.

PolyesterBride Sun 07-Jul-13 15:04:55

This is what I use and its really good

Queasyrider Sun 07-Jul-13 21:48:40

Thanks everyone. Lots here to look out for. Sunsense gets a few votes so will see how that goes if I can find it in Boots tomorrow.

Keztrel Mon 08-Jul-13 09:40:00

I use Clarins uv plus SPF 40 - very thin consistency and not at all sticky. I can't see a white sheen but I'm quite pale anyway.

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