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So I had my HoC consultation this morning...

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BabCNesbitt Sat 06-Jul-13 19:05:51

...and I'm feeling a bit hmm now. (This is following on from this thread.) The consultant said that I was an Autumn (didn't say what kind, but mentioned 'blue' and 'vibrant'), and I think she's probably right that I'm warm- rather than cool-toned. But apart from a couple of drapes which made a noticeable difference, I couldn't really see any great improvement in my appearance from my supposedly 'best' colours. A couple of the colours that were described as very good or excellent made me wince when she tried them on me, including the first two lipsticks! (The palette also omitted my favourite dusty rosy pink colour, which I know suits me - compliments when I wear it, etc.)

I went into town this afternoon to try on some tops in my 'two star' colours, and they seemed a bit too intense - like they were wearing me rather than the other way round. I'm wondering if there's a more muted version of the colour palettes, or should I just try to get used to wearing the super-bright, in-your-face colours?

charitygirl Sat 06-Jul-13 20:32:42

Hi Bab - I'm also a autumn. There's a dusty pink in the palette - think its called 'rosewood'? I think blue autumn is quite unusual!

I know consultants say that if you don't get it, go back and ask again. They should take th time to make sure you get it. Were you on your own? If not, how did others react to you draped in yor right and wrong colours?

The lipsticks made me wince too but I now have three indubitably autumn shades which I wear all the time - I swear they grow on you.

I am fair and pale - would have said autumn was least likely category and I was shocked. But - three months on I absolutely love my wardrobe, getting dressed, even doing the washing! Give it time - but if you don't feel it, email her!

charitygirl Sat 06-Jul-13 20:34:33

PS most of the autumn colours are dusty and muted - if you wear all the brights -lime, orange, coral (of which there are lots in th shops right now) - it will seem too in your face, but these should b toned down with the neutrals and darks.

BabCNesbitt Sat 06-Jul-13 22:37:20

Hi Charitygirl, thanks for replying. I was on my own with the consultant as the other(s) had cancelled, so there was no second opinion. What are the autumnal lipsticks that you like? smile

I know what you're saying about the brighter vs softer/darker colours in the palette, but even the kingfisher blue colour seemed pretty "WHOA T-SHIRT INCOMING!" when I tried it on. I'll have another try, though - maybe it'll seem easier when more autumnal colours start appearing in the shops.

charitygirl Sat 06-Jul-13 22:47:15

I'll bet kingfisher made your skin look amazing - have you always been more of a neutrals wearer? It may be that your whole look in a bright t shirt was 'in your face' rather than the item itself.

Shame you were on your own, it's so much easier to see the difference of the colours on another person and then it feels more right when it's your turn. The wrong colours made my cheeks all thread-veiny!

I can't wait for autumn (though have managed to buy a shitload of new clothes since April...)

Gay Geranium - no 7. V bright so might not be your best starter
A no 7 chubby pencil lipstick in orange - quite sheer, easy to wear
Love Note - no 17 (super cheap so worth a punt - orang red but on an autumn it looks like a true red)

I also bought frm HoC online a discontinued lippy called Blue Autumn Red - NOT good on me because I'm not a blue autumn. Happy to pop it in the post to you if you PM me.

withjamin Sun 07-Jul-13 00:01:22

I went back after my first hoc consultation cos it just seemed very wrong to be a high contrast winter when I'm actually quite a softly coloured summery type- cool and soft rather than cool and bright. But another go with a trusted friend watching really made it clear.

I think I was quite used to hiding myself in softer colours/combinations and have taken a while to feel okay being visible, so give it time. I'd suggest getting a scarf or shrug in your ** colours, giving it a month then going back if you're still.unsure. Afaik blue autumn is relatively hard to diagnose, so it woulddef be worth checking.

And the lipstick- after my hoc style day I have a licence to ditch it- not everyone suits heavy makeup so don't be alarmed. If you can blag your way round a clinique counter try a chubby stick in a warm soft colour, or a Revlon lip butter. Much less in yr face!

BabCNesbitt Sun 07-Jul-13 19:50:18

I'm feeling a bit more positive about it all today - I think yesterday I was just tired and hot and sweaty, and I didn't have on my usual make-up because of the consultation so I was feeling pretty grim and peely-wally anyway! Will try on some more things when I'm feeling a bit better overall and see how I feel about them then.

Withjamin, I'd like to go back and double-check, but we're leaving the country in a few weeks and all our weekends until then are taken up, so I'm just going to have to keep trying out the different colours and see if I agree more with the assessments.

Charitygirl, thanks for the offer of the lipstick! Will PM you smile

Scarletohello Sun 07-Jul-13 21:33:29

I had it done 10 years ago was also told I was Aurumn, was dreading it as I lived in black! Hated it at first but slowly slowly ditched the black, took my swatch with me when I went shopping and now have a fabulous wardrobe of colours that suit me and match. I get lots of compliments on my clothes and find shopping much easier and less time consuming these days. I wear colours I would have turned my nose up years ago. It's a big readjustment but start small, maybe with a scarf, try on your new colours with a friend, see what she says. Give it time and in future you will love the new you ! Remember the way we dress expresses something of our inner self too so if an feel uncomfortable at first to wear colours that are not 'us' iyswim... Good luck, colours are great!!

Scarletohello Sun 07-Jul-13 21:34:54

Meant to say " it can feel uncomfortable"!

Keztrel Mon 08-Jul-13 08:05:48

OP it's funny you should say that as the friend I went with was diagnosed as a blue autumn too and is also a bit hmm about it. The effects of the different drapes on her were definitely harder to spot than they were on me (a winter). Maybe it's one of the trickier seasons to get your head round?

curlew Mon 08-Jul-13 08:11:47

Or maybe it's all bullshit and you should just wear what you want to wear?

Scarletohello Mon 08-Jul-13 11:36:15

Could you go to a department store with a friend, try on some clothes in your new colours and take some photos so you can maybe see more clearly how they affect your complexion. I think I really only 'got' it, when the colour lady whipped off the green drape she had around me to reveal the black I was wearing and I literally saw the colour drain from my face..!

practicality Mon 08-Jul-13 11:49:28

I think after looking into this what is important to know is if you are cool toned, warm or neutral. Adjust your make-up and you can get away with most colours.

mummybare Mon 08-Jul-13 11:58:03

Sorry to butt in, but just on the HoC thing, does anyone know if you should avoid having it done if you've got a tan? DH said he would get me this as a birthday present but I have a reasonable tab at the mo so I wonder if I should put off having it done till it fades or if the colours would be the same? Ta

Scarletohello Mon 08-Jul-13 12:15:58

That's a good question as most things look good if you've got a tan! If u have a consultant in mind I would ask them to see what they say. Think they should still be able to do it tho...

MadAboutHotChoc Mon 08-Jul-13 17:48:06

A tan isn't a problem as long as its not fake. No make up either.

I used to wear summer colours for make up but always felt I didn't look quite right despite these being blue based colours. As a winter I need to wear strong colours rather than muted ones (which are part of the summer palette). I can tell the difference as my eyes stand out and my skin glows when I wear fushsia or carmine lipstick.

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