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Job Interview, wearing black skirt suit- do you like these shoes?

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ShowOfHands Sun 04-Jun-06 15:39:12

I'm a DMs kind of girl usually, but I have a job interview and honestly only own DMs, a pair of trainers and slippers.

Am I way off?

thewomanwhothoughtshewasahat Sun 04-Jun-06 15:41:40

no they're exactly right for a black suit. can you walk ok in them if you're used to dms and trainers

Twiglett Sun 04-Jun-06 15:43:03

eeek .. honestly no .. think they'd look wrong with an interview suit

thewomanwhothoughtshewasahat Sun 04-Jun-06 15:44:39

what kind of shoe would you wear with a suit Twig? and what would you wear these ones with? I can't imagine what else they're for if not formal, work, day wear.

zoeuk1 Sun 04-Jun-06 15:45:07

i think they are just what you need. i think they will look very smart for an interview.

Twiglett Sun 04-Jun-06 15:46:40

wouldn't wear them at all

I'd look for a more rounded (non-descript) toe and possibly a less scalloped heel (although heel is ok) .. I think they look like a witch's shoes tbh especially with that strap

what field are you interviewing for anyway

thewomanwhothoughtshewasahat Sun 04-Jun-06 15:50:04

not sure I'd wear them myself either, but that's quite personal. I don;t think they'd look "wrong". they're smart, they're black, they're not overly glam, they're elegant, they're not open-toed, they're not flat, they're not too high.

Twiglett Sun 04-Jun-06 15:51:10

its the witchy toes though .. the witchy toes

ShowOfHands Sun 04-Jun-06 15:54:07

I am probably never going to wear them again, I'll give them to a charity shop or to a friend (or to any of you lot if you want them- Twig?). I just need something passable that I can wear for a couple of hours. I don't like them, but I only like DMs!

I'm a librarian btw.

zoeuk1 Sun 04-Jun-06 15:55:13

i love pointy toes on shoes. i think they make your legs look longer and they look really elegant.

zoeuk1 Sun 04-Jun-06 15:55:46

so if you get the job are you allowed to wear any shoes/clothes that you like?

Twiglett Sun 04-Jun-06 15:57:37

oh ... a librarian ... yes very librariany .. didn't they used to burn librarians at the stake?

ShowOfHands Sun 04-Jun-06 16:00:51

Yes, dress code is that there is no dress code. But I have to look smart for the interview, psychologically I couldn't wander in wearing DMs and my patchwork homemade skirt. I'll wear them when I get the job! (btw, they all know me at the library, I worked there part time for 2 years while I qualified- they're used to the folkie eclectic look I bring to my work).

Okay, Twig, you clearly love them, they're yours...

<<wanders off scratching warty nose and cackling>>

Twiglett Sun 04-Jun-06 16:16:59

if they know you and you know them I would slightly smarten your eclectic style but not turn up looking like someone they don't recognise

blueshoes Sun 04-Jun-06 18:45:43

yes, I like them

CarolinaMoose Sun 04-Jun-06 18:55:57

agree with twiglett - if they know you, why not wear a smart version of your normal stuff? e.g. floaty (but maybe not patchwork) skirt, nice flat shoes e.g. ballerinas? nice top but not a suit jacket? it is summer as well, so no point turning up all sweaty - suits can be v hot.

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