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I need a good hair product for my slightly wavy/frizzy hair

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lilibet Sun 04-Jun-06 15:30:40

I normally straighten my hair so it looks ok but when I am on my hols I like to leave it to dry naturally, can anyone recommend somethig that I can put on it which will encourage the natural curl and not leave me with any frizz?


FioFio Sun 04-Jun-06 15:31:07

Message deleted

twinsetandpearls Sun 04-Jun-06 15:32:29

Do frizease not do anything to encourage frizz free curls?

A more expensive option might be a redken product, they always do a good job on my hair which has wild tendencies.

lilibet Sun 04-Jun-06 15:32:56

Now why didn't I think of that

Effective and cheap and readily available!!

thewomanwhothoughtshewasahat Sun 04-Jun-06 15:33:05

no advice but will watch in anticpation. I always leave my hair to dry naturally so usually tie it back to hide the frizz.

zoeuk1 Sun 04-Jun-06 15:37:37

ive got naturally curly hair. what i do is wet it when i have a shower but dont use any shampoo etc. then i put loads of shockwaves gel on it and dry it upside down with a hairdryer. i sit with my head upside down until its dry. try not to touch it with your hands whilst you're drying it coz that can cause it to go frizzy. i use shampoo maybe 2 or 3 times a week at the most otherwise it makes it really dry and frizzy. if you just wet it you dont wash the natural oils out which help to stop the frizzyness!! i never ever ever brush my hair either. if i do i look like a '70s throwback with a huge afro.

zoeuk1 Sun 04-Jun-06 15:41:04

ive tried frizzease stuff and find that ordinary gel is better at stopping the frizz. my hair goes really frizzy if i leave it to dry naturally.

tobysmumkent Mon 05-Jun-06 19:13:40

Message withdrawn

YellowFeathers Mon 05-Jun-06 19:20:56

I can second the Charles Worthington Q&A. I use that after every wash and my hair is incredibly wild!
If I want it straight I use a Bed Head product, can't remember the name exactly but its green and looks as though it has glitter in it.

drosophila Mon 05-Jun-06 19:21:59

DS is mixed race and we use Elastocurl by Kerastase (sp?). Works realy well.

kitegirl Mon 05-Jun-06 19:34:13

Kerastase products are the best by miles. I use Masqueintense and on hols leave it in for overnight/whole day on the beach. And a leave-in conditioner on top of that works well, I use John Frieda Blonde Healthy Attitude spray and it's magic! You can get that in supermarkets. Tigi has a really good curl booster leave in conditioner in their Bed Head range can't remember the name but it's a green spray bottle. I find that creams work better than serums if your hair is really porous/frizzy, I use Tigi Bed Head Shine Junkie in wet hair and it leaves my hair really glossy and frizz-free!

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