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What age are people who wear Boden?

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MollyBerry Thu 04-Jul-13 20:54:55

I don't mean children but the grownup clothes. I've always wrongly or rightly associated it with middle-class mums, am I wrong? Am I just stereotyping here?

Rulesgirl Sat 06-Jul-13 02:31:34

I only wear plain things from both Boden and White frills or flowery curtain dresses. The plain things are ageless and can be accessorised.

skaen Sat 06-Jul-13 07:35:53

I'm 37. I have a dress and a cardigan which I've had for a Few years now. I find the cut is becoming less flattering - I'm curvy so find trousers are very baggy on waist when they're perfect on legs etc so not worth the money for me.

Missbopeep Sat 06-Jul-13 07:54:52

Surely it's like most brands- some items are nice and others rubbish?

I'd say their demography is women aged 40+ , 'middle England', with a moderately high income.

They don't stand out as being especially bad- no more than say M&S, Kaliko, Phase 8, Hobbs, etc. all of whom are imo in the same bracket- apart from the 'hotchpotch' prints.

I like less and less each year- but admit to buying a pair of summer chinos and a 60s summer dress- fitted in navy which was a sell-out, and imo very flattering.

I think they are tapping into- or trying to- a gap in the market which is women who are past New Look and Dotty Ps, and Gap, but too young for CC, Alexon and Kaliko.

higgle Mon 08-Jul-13 21:53:51

Eliotnes - just checked in case I was in error 22 is the biggest size across the whole range. iF you check each item you se a range of gathers,elastene and knitted fabrics which give a lot of room on the waist on many styles. My boss who is about a size 16 and early 60's wears a lot of Boden so all in all I believe the average customer is older and larger than one might suspect.

alemci Mon 08-Jul-13 22:05:23

I am mid 40's and have been wearing boden for nearly 10 years' I think. the quality is good and i don't think it is frumpy - depends what you buy. I like their Boots, swimwear, skirts, tops, dresses, knitwear. even my teenage girls buy the odd bit of adult stuff.

also I am so sick of the rubbish quality in the shops i will stick with Boden. at least their tops don't develop holes after a few washes (another thread).

stickygingerbread Tue 09-Jul-13 02:20:20

I don't know why mn always trashes boden. Perhaps it is too pervasive in the UK. Every line has some less desirable items, or things that would not work for you in color or cut. I find some good items every season, not the same items but there is always something, which makes it very reliable.

stickygingerbread Tue 09-Jul-13 02:24:10

I am early 40s and have been wearing it about 5 years. I am American so it is not so universally recognized here. I've bought various cardis, jeans, trousers, dresses, boots, couple of pencil skirts. A lot of items are good for the office and casual, and are mainly machine wash. My days of dry cleaning are over until my children are less messy.

loveboden Tue 08-Oct-13 13:37:53

I think its just people who don't know how to put pieces together who tend to think Boden is for frumpy girls! Boden is just fabulous and is more suited to slim classy girls, that way it always looks wonderful! just saying. and I am a very young looking slim 52. x

polyhymnia Tue 08-Oct-13 13:47:54

I'm not slim though like to think I'm classy!

Just to say I absolutely agree with the sentiment that Boden piecescan look great if you choose and put them together well. Don't - obviously - agree that only slim people can do this.

(Nor do I like being called a girl personally - I'm a woman!)

FreyaKItty Tue 08-Oct-13 14:26:11

I'm 40 and have been buying it since the birth of dd 4 years ago. I buy it as its easy, good customer service, great customer feedback on website. I'm not a huge fan of patterns but like it for basics, the odd blouse (Paris blouse) this winter, some knitwear, and kids clothes.I'm in the country (Ireland) and my only shops within an hours drive are debenhams, penny's (primary), next and m&s, and some boutiques. With 2 smallies, my days of travelling further afield and browsing in shops are on hold. Most of the time the clothes wash well (better than my options above) and are practical with small kids.

Marylou2 Tue 08-Oct-13 14:31:41

45 but have been wearing it for 10 years. Husband and kids do too. I rationalize the cost by thinking of the quality/ longevity of the clothes and also no parking/starbucks/spontaneous makeup purchasing as it's all done from the sofa.grin

Rooble Tue 08-Oct-13 14:31:57

I'm 43. First thing I bought from them was when I was 26. I couldn't see anything in this winter's catalogue that would make me look under 65. Everything was spectacularly frumpy.

pootlebug Tue 08-Oct-13 14:34:00

I'm 37. I've occasionally bought the odd thing along with some bits for the kids, but when it arrived sent everything for me back because it feels too frumpy. I feel like I'm not old enough for Boden.

Lonelynessie Tue 08-Oct-13 15:22:07

I'm 25, I don't really like the clothes for me (but buy a lot for dd's) but I do like their some of their shoes.

Pinupgirl Tue 08-Oct-13 18:13:07

Age is not the problem with Boden. Its for women who want to blend into the background and not draw attention to themselves-definitely not for me! Even Johnnie himself said it was for women who didn't want to be sexy-again not me!! Frumpy,frumpy,frumpsville imo.

AmberNectarine Tue 08-Oct-13 18:15:44

I'm 28 and wear some. Disagree with blending into the background - I don't think my bright pink desert boots achieve that.

BuggedByJake Tue 08-Oct-13 18:16:25

I'm 40 & don't really buy it for me. I find the odd thing that's ok but most of it is frumpy.
Love it for the kids though.

polyhymnia Tue 08-Oct-13 18:20:07

Mmm, not sure it's necessarily for women who want to fade into background - all depends what you choose and how you wear it.

I have lots of Boden pieces and my natural style was described as 'flamboyant' by a professional fashion designer I was talking to the other day (in a good way, I think!).

GeorginaWorsley Tue 08-Oct-13 18:39:14

I wear some Boden at 46 and very middle class grin
Not as much as I used to though.
I like their slim 'bistro' trousers,slim chinos,straight leg jeans.
Also some less patterned dresses.
Not as impressed with tops this season,am not liking the shapes.
Find more that I like in phase eight,mint velvet etc
However Boden do have excellent sales and customer service superb.

DontmindifIdo Tue 08-Oct-13 18:52:49

I'm 34, and have been wearing Boden since 30, I had ds, moved outside the m25 and they found me, sent me a very nice catalogue. I intended to just buy a few things for ds, but somehow a couple of tops went in my bag too. I now have quite a lot.

you do have to pick carefully. While I think there are quite a few things that suit me, I can't see someone 20/30 years older carrying them off, similarly, there are things clearly aimed at an older audience that would look frumpy on me. I think actually they are quite clever in that, i cant imagine theres any woman who would wear everything in their range, but they have things that will appeal to a selection of ages and body shapes. (and their petite jeans fit perfectly, I struggle to find jeans that fit so they can be forgiven a lot for that)

hazelnutlatte Tue 08-Oct-13 20:13:01

I'm 32 and have just discovered boden in the past year (thanks to mumsnet)
I don't think I'm frumpy but I also don't want to shop in River island etc any more - all the neon / graffiti print / crop tops on the high street are really not my style!
Boden do sell some pretty frumpy clothes (if its described as 'fun' then its probably frumpy) but also lots of basics and work clothes that are good quality. They also do lots in petite which is good too.

Carolmillen Tue 08-Oct-13 20:53:07

'It's the type of wardrobe you own if you don't think much about what you're wearing.'


scarlet76 Tue 08-Oct-13 21:29:12

37 and wear Boden here because:
The quality is better than Dotty P, New Look, H&M
They do a petite size 6 which fits me well
Their customer service is second to none

I avoid the bonkers patterns, hotchpotch and favourite garments.

applecrumbleandcream Wed 09-Oct-13 00:00:35

I'm 39 and quite like a few classic pieces which can be worn season after season, but most of it I find too frumpy, screams Boden and way way too expensive. Only ever buy for dd regularly as I like Mini Boden clothes.

mypavlova Wed 09-Oct-13 02:52:46

I'm a firm fan, been buying from them about 5 years, early 40s now. They have great office clothes. This AW, love the breadwinner skirt, bistro crops, 60s heels, merino jumper, cowl neck jumper. As a clear winter, really bright intense colours suit me best, as well as navy and silver, and boden does these well season after season.

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