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Dividing ds's mono brow!

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Dumpylump Wed 03-Jul-13 23:36:25

Ds2 is 12, nearing 13, is tall, handsome, and maturing fast. Recently his eyebrows have gone bonkers, and have now joined forces into one big eyebrow that goes right across his face! He doesn't like it, and has asked me if I will take him to the salon where I have my brows shaped. I know they'll do a good job, and hopefully make it look natural (no hd brows or anything), but I'm not sure if I should do it.
Is it too girly? I wasn't sure whether to post here, or in teens confused

scrumpkin Wed 03-Jul-13 23:38:34

I would probably get a wax strip, trim it to size and whack the middle bit off myself.

Svina Wed 03-Jul-13 23:39:50

Have any of his relations got similar eyebrows? Find some photos to show him of relations or striking looking men. Before starting him on a beauty routine I would be trying to help him feel more positively about his looks. I think mono brows can be very attractive.

fridayfreedom Wed 03-Jul-13 23:39:58

I attack my DS with the tweezers and lots of encouragement to ' man up '!!

wannabeawallaby Wed 03-Jul-13 23:42:12

I used to do an ex's with a small wax strip. I think they're for the face. Press it in the middle and rip off, over in seconds and cheaper than the salon. I think shaping men's eyebrows is weird but nothing wrong with getting the middle bit off!

Vibbe Wed 03-Jul-13 23:44:41

I'd get the salon to do it the first time, then maintain it at home - you can do it or he can do it himself.

If he's unhappy about it, get it done. There's no point in having him be upset about something like that.

Dumpylump Wed 03-Jul-13 23:44:50

Dh, his dad, had it and so does his uncle...also his grandad - who died before he was born. It is very much a family trait and bil teases him affectionately about carrying on the family brow.
I think he's gorgeously handsome, and he reminds me very much of dh, but if he's not happy about it, then maybe I should be helping him to do something about it, and hope that as he gets a bit older he kind of grows into it?
scrumpkin I did consider something like that, but I think trained professionals is really the way to go for stuff like that....I'd probably accidentally maim him permanently!

Dumpylump Wed 03-Jul-13 23:47:17

Lots of xposts! I wouldn't be having them shape it....just take away the middle bit - in a way that looks natural, no sharp edges iykwim?

NatashaBee Wed 03-Jul-13 23:54:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

calmingtea Thu 04-Jul-13 09:21:08

Men and plucked brows just makes me think of David Gest. I really would leave it. It might look odd now, but as he gets bigger and more mature he will grow into it.

NannyPlumIsMyMum Thu 04-Jul-13 09:46:28

I would go for it.
No qualms- if it is affecting self esteem why not?
I have a son and wouldn't think twice smile.

Dumpylump Thu 04-Jul-13 12:03:28

Appointment is made for tomorrow - I spoke to therapist at salon who assured me she would just take away the middle part, and not do any David Gest or Alex from the Apprentice type shaping!
If he's not happy with the end result, well, it'll grow back..and he definitely isn't happy with how it looks at the moment, so I feel it's worth giving him the option.

ygritte Thu 04-Jul-13 13:51:51

I would stay away from a salon TBH. I can spot straight away if a man has his eyebrows waxed and it look seriously overdone, just because of the straight edge and smooth skin that is left.
Can you persuade him to let you just pluck a few out and leave him with a more masculine, rough outline?
Once they are removed they won't grow back (the same) if she makes a mistake!!

EarlyInTheMorning Thu 04-Jul-13 14:07:09

Splitting his unibrow now that he's become aware of it is hardly a beauty regime. I wouldn't think twice, just do it and don't place so much importance on it, be blase about it. Ask the salon to teach him to maintain it at home.

higgle Thu 04-Jul-13 15:45:09

I just pulled out the ones in the middle for DS2, they don't seem to have grown back.

27cats Thu 04-Jul-13 16:00:02

I'm sure the salon will do fine. I just asked my 15yr old DS what he would want to do and he said he'd want it sorted somehow, and hes the no-fuss type. Maybe you or he could keep it in check between visits to the salon. Good luck, let us know how it goes. smile

theredhen Thu 04-Jul-13 16:39:44

My ds shaves his when he shaves his bum fluff on his top lip. Not ideal but at least he's making the effort himself. grin

Dumpylump Sat 06-Jul-13 01:32:07

Salon did fab job, very subtle...but he definitely has two eyebrows now and is v chuffed. So as far as I'm concerned if he's happy with it, then that's all that matters!
Also, therapist wouldn't let me pay, saying that she'd done so little, she couldn't justify charging me - lovely girl! smile

mysteryfairy Sat 06-Jul-13 06:27:26

My DS has same issue and as he's blonde with very dark eyebrows it was very noticeable. At the age of your DS he used to tag along to my appointments and the beautician would just whip the hairs in the middle out. He tweezes them himself now. I'm just mentioning this because I was also never charged for DS but as it needed doing quite regularly I felt better when I was paying for a pedicure or whatever as then the therapist was getting paid for the time.

Dumpylump Sat 06-Jul-13 11:44:01

mysteryfairy I would feel the same, and that's what happened, I was getting my nails done anyway, and he tagged along with me. Salon owner is a friend and I go regularly (and probably spend too much), I thought it was nice gesture on her part, but I wouldn't take advantage! smile

louwn Sat 06-Jul-13 17:48:28

I think it is fine - DP shaves the middle of his, no shaping though.

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