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david and goliath - boys are stupid throw rocks at them....

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faeriemum Fri 02-Jun-06 13:05:06

i love the tshirts that david and goliath do...they are so funny.....i was around for some different things that they do..but they are sooooooo expensive ..even on ebay...then i came across Great universal and they do their pj's for 20.00 when on ebay they are seperated and more expensive..! and its made for short arses like me!

just thought it may interest the D&G fans!

faeriemum Fri 02-Jun-06 13:05:22

i was looking around*

Twiglett Fri 02-Jun-06 13:06:45

... as the mother of a boy I'm kind of disgusted at that

shall I go out and get my DS a t-shirt that says "Girls are stupid and belong in the kitchen"


faeriemum Fri 02-Jun-06 13:08:10

lol...i have DS too....its light hearted fun *cheeky emoticon*

Twiglett Fri 02-Jun-06 13:10:04

its sexist crap hiding under an 'aren't I cheeky' banner IMHO

faeriemum Fri 02-Jun-06 13:10:43

then you need to get a sense of humour IMHO

Twiglett Fri 02-Jun-06 13:11:05

but am willing to admit I hate slogans at the best of times .. and fcuk made me want to hurl .. to me its like having 'you don't have to be mad to work here' sign on your desk at work ... eeek ..

still different strokes for different folks

faeriemum Fri 02-Jun-06 13:11:51

well this thread is out there for the d&g there you go...

Twiglett Fri 02-Jun-06 13:13:00

was that a thinly veiled 'don't post on my thread' then?

Twiglett Fri 02-Jun-06 13:13:23

ignore me, ignore me .. stressful day .. in the mood for a barney .. ignore me

faeriemum Fri 02-Jun-06 13:13:37

Twiglett Fri 02-Jun-06 13:14:05

nailpolish Fri 02-Jun-06 13:14:38

twig - "but it helps!!!"

not my cup of tea either im afraid

some are ok, most are ott

i teach my dd's that stupid is a bad word

"stupid factory where boys are made"

not funny

"im blonde so talk slowly"

"its my first time i swear"

god i would hate it if my dd's wore t shirts with that on it!

nailpolish Fri 02-Jun-06 13:16:03

when you say D&G i keep thinking you mean Dolce and Gabbana

Ellbell Fri 02-Jun-06 13:16:05

My dds (4 and 6) accidentally upset the little boy (age 3) that their CM also looks after the other day by saying 'Girls are better than boys'. It's just something the girls and boys say to each other at school, and they had no idea that this little boy would be so upset by it. They were mortified. Don't think encouraging one group (whatever it may be) to think of another group as being generically 'stupid' is a good idea, tbh. I'm with Twig here (and I only have girls). Substitute 'boys' in the slogan for 'black people' or 'gay people'... Is it acceptable then?

suzywong Fri 02-Jun-06 13:17:02

I'll give you a barney
you over-salted dried up excuse for a snack

faeriemum Fri 02-Jun-06 13:17:57

right ok, here's me thinking MN might be alittle light hearted fun.....close the thread before its goes from being silly to out of hand

Ellbell Fri 02-Jun-06 13:18:11

Sorry for sense of humour failure. I'll let you get back to talking t-shirts. + [pacifying sort of emoticon]

ComeOVeneer Fri 02-Jun-06 13:18:23

Not my cup of tea either, I know it is meant to be light hearted but I do think it sends out the wrong message.

MrsBadger Fri 02-Jun-06 13:19:00

I pass a shop that sells the occasionally and never fail to see in the window at least one slogan I find in dubious taste.

Some of their things are quite cool, ('I found Jesus... he was behind the sofa' still makes me snigger) but I couldn't ever bring myself to ever give them my money.
Actually, slogan shirts in general are a minefield - I avoid them whenever possible.

Except this one, of course.

laughinglil Fri 02-Jun-06 13:45:35

i love all the truffle shuffle stuff made by junk food! I have just ordered this...

sorry really cannot do links. I don't really like the d&g stuff but at the end of the day it isn't worn by children and there isn't any bad language so there isn't that much harm in it.

KommandantColditz Fri 02-Jun-06 14:02:52

"Gay people are perverted - keep them away from your children"

Is that light - hearted and funny? No. Why is it any more funny to verbally abuse someone because they are male?

I do not want my boys growing up to think they are stupid. I don't accept the 'lighthearted' argument. It's a sexist and damaging attitude to teach young women.

cupcakes Fri 02-Jun-06 14:16:38

People who wear t-shirts like this think they're making a hilarious statement but the only statement they're making is about their IQ.

Sorry if that offends but those t-shirts offend me.

MaryP0p1 Fri 02-Jun-06 14:18:33

But boys are stupid, anyone who is married knows that!

nailpolish Fri 02-Jun-06 14:18:58


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