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I think I fancy a maxi dress

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Judyandherdreamofhorses Thu 27-Jun-13 17:30:09

I've never really liked them (for me), but think I'd like one now (probably means they're very out of fashion!).

Any links to nice ones? I feel like something bright, but I'm used to dressing in dull colours so might chicken out.

I'm 5'6", size 10-12, breastfeeding boobs of 32E. I'm 37.


HandMini Fri 28-Jun-13 13:09:09

I have and love this one.


Judyandherdreamofhorses Fri 28-Jun-13 11:53:09

I got this one in a shop today. It's really comfortable and flattering.


Jakadaal Thu 27-Jun-13 23:50:42

Sorry can't link as on phone but I got a lovely jersey one from amazon - about £10 and loads if different colours. Quality is surprisingly good and received lots of compliments

Judyandherdreamofhorses Thu 27-Jun-13 22:19:01

I like this one.


About £100 cheaper would be good!

And it's a bit too formal. I was thinking school fete, friend's BBQ, casual evening meal type thing.

fuzzywuzzy Thu 27-Jun-13 21:57:14


I have a gorgeous maxi but I cant remember where I got it from.

Leather Thu 27-Jun-13 21:40:17

I have this from Gap, lovely and loose but flattering, fab price now too, I paid £29 envy

Judyandherdreamofhorses Thu 27-Jun-13 21:29:37

Thanks. So many links...and I'm still not satisfied. So far I think I prefer the new look one, linked to by threepiecesuite. But it's not what I was envisaging.

fuzzywuzzy Thu 27-Jun-13 20:51:55



fuzzywuzzy Thu 27-Jun-13 20:50:39


threepiecesuite Thu 27-Jun-13 20:50:37

I'm coveting this one from New Look atm. Saw it instore and it feels soft and cool and not cheapo.

JannerBird Thu 27-Jun-13 20:49:10

Fat Face have some nice ones (sorry I don't know how to do links).

fuzzywuzzy Thu 27-Jun-13 20:49:01


fuzzywuzzy Thu 27-Jun-13 20:48:02


Judyandherdreamofhorses Thu 27-Jun-13 20:46:11

Thanks for all the links, fuzzy. I don't like any of them! I don't like those big kind of blurry prints. And Baby DS would be pulling down that bandeau! I definitely need straps!

I wonder if I'm imagining something that doesn't exist. Certainly can't describe what I want!

fuzzywuzzy Thu 27-Jun-13 20:46:07

Ver have loads as well

fuzzywuzzy Thu 27-Jun-13 20:44:29


fuzzywuzzy Thu 27-Jun-13 20:43:23


cheeseandbiscuitsplease Thu 27-Jun-13 20:42:14

I wear them all the time. Have about 20 smile very easy to dress up or down. I wear my strapless ones with heels when feeling glam then dress them down with a denim jacket or open white shirt and flats. I love them. The Next ones in the summer collection are lovely this year. I have 8 from the collection and I feel great in them and get lots if compliments. George at asda also got some great ones, layering them etc is the key. A denim waistcoat also looks good over the top them or a knotted white shirt.

fuzzywuzzy Thu 27-Jun-13 20:42:01


fuzzywuzzy Thu 27-Jun-13 20:40:08

floaty but expensive

fuzzywuzzy Thu 27-Jun-13 20:38:49


fuzzywuzzy Thu 27-Jun-13 20:37:59


Judyandherdreamofhorses Thu 27-Jun-13 20:34:40

Thanks. None of those really leap out at me. Perhaps they're not my thing after all. I was liking the idea of something floaty and loose, and leg covering.

mzdemeanour Thu 27-Jun-13 18:58:27

Was quite surprised to see a couple of nice jersey ones in Wallis as don't usually like their stuff at all ... And great plains had some not long ago ...

mrsspongebob Thu 27-Jun-13 18:51:14

Pepperberry have a couple of nice ones.

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