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Right - i've worked out what to do with the fascinator - next problem is...

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TicTacsMum Thu 01-Jun-06 20:41:04

...what combo do i go for?

Basics will be high brown boots, brown linen trousers and brown, gold and orange halterneck top.

Do i add the fascinator, wrist corsage and pashmina thing or will I look like a dog's dinner?

I've ordered and paid for the corsage so I feel obliged to wear that but I could return the pashmina or fascinator if necessary.

So... do I go for


the corsage and pashmina

the corsage and fascinator

just the corsage????


TicTacsMum Thu 01-Jun-06 21:01:37



I'm hopeless at these style things and don't want to look like a fanny!!!

TicTacsMum Thu 01-Jun-06 21:01:52

Oops - ANYONE!!!

Tutter Thu 01-Jun-06 21:03:40

hmmm, i think wrist corsage and fascinator will be too much. pashmina ok as you'll probably dich it after the service anyway. i'd keep the hair thing and lose the wrist thing, but each to their own.

also - why hig boots with trews? shoes better surely?

sassy Thu 01-Jun-06 21:04:55

I say pash, corsage but no frilly hat thang.

Is it a super-formal do - cos hats not de rigeur these days (I've never won one to a wedding, don't think).

ESp[ as your outfit sounds quite funky, sharp, girl-about-town -ish; the fascinator (can't believe that's what they're called) might fight with that look IYKWIM?

LadyWitchofWaterford Thu 01-Jun-06 21:05:25

What's a fascinator????

Tutter Thu 01-Jun-06 21:06:12

tsssssk sassy (see my other thread re my wedding outfit INC HAT)

NotQuiteCockney Thu 01-Jun-06 21:06:14

<pops head into Style section, where she manifestly Does Not Belong>

WTF is a Fascinator? It sounds like some sort of fake nipple thing.

<runs away again>

Tutter Thu 01-Jun-06 21:07:17

NQC - stick your head in a bit further and you'll see an explanatory thread....

006 Thu 01-Jun-06 21:08:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NotQuiteCockney Thu 01-Jun-06 21:09:00

Ok, I saw it.

I think big fake nipples would be more interesting, although maybe not appropriate for a wedding, when you're not the bride.

FrannyandZooey Thu 01-Jun-06 21:09:50

Isn't there some classic piece of style advice about not looking Overdone that says put on as much jewellery as you think you should wear, then take off one piece?

I think that advice would be about right for you in this situation

FrannyandZooey Thu 01-Jun-06 21:10:24

NQC, if you ever decide to get married in the future, I would appreciate an invite

006 Thu 01-Jun-06 21:11:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sassy Thu 01-Jun-06 21:11:18

Tutter, hat ok; no hat ok too.

Was trying to say that the OP will not be ejected from venue for not having few feathers clipped into her hair.

I think hats are LURVELY

TicTacsMum Thu 01-Jun-06 21:29:54

Thanks for advice.

Will deffo not go for everything then. Think that's really what everyone's saying!!!!

Need to pick up the corsage tomorrow so I guess i'll need to decide then.

Suppose I could do what I normally do at weddings & drunken nights out in general and just eat the corsage .

Actually caught the bouquet at one wedding and thought it would be a really nice gesture to press some of the flowers for the bride. Vaguely remember putting the bouquet in the fridge when i got home but on opening it the next morning discovered that there was only the stick thing left with a few leaves in it. Apparently i'd eaten it. Wasn't greedy though - did offer it around

Whizzz Thu 01-Jun-06 21:31:09

LOL I did think that this was another Ann SUmmers thread

sassy Thu 01-Jun-06 21:32:24

PMSL at you eating the bouquet, and offering it round!!

Have a good day whatever you decide

TicTacsMum Thu 01-Jun-06 21:34:28

cheers sassy

TicTacsMum Thu 01-Jun-06 21:35:26

BTW sassy totally pissing myself at the girl about town thing. I take it you're taking the piss????

NotQuiteCockney Fri 02-Jun-06 08:04:29

(F&Z, are you saying that brides at the weddings you've been to generally haven't worn big fake nipples and a visible merkin? How strange.)

FrannyandZooey Fri 02-Jun-06 08:07:31

I haven't been to many Canadian weddings, NQC

NotQuiteCockney Fri 02-Jun-06 08:12:42

Ah, that must be what's missing. (And perhaps why people reacted so strongly to my wedding, which was essentially Canadian, if held in the UK.)

It was terribly hard getting a merkin here, come to think of it.

(I have been to a Canadian wedding where many of the guests were in shorts and tshirts. And no, it wasn't on a beach. I warned DH this would be the case, but he didn't believe it until he saw it.)

Spagblog Fri 02-Jun-06 08:27:13

pmsl @ bride with visable merkin

Spagblog Fri 02-Jun-06 08:27:39

visible even

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