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ok, so i have the dress, the hat and the shoes...

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Tutter Thu 01-Jun-06 19:51:24

... but i need a bag, and the wedding is on saturday!!! so - i need to find either (a) a website that delivers super-fast or (b) a shop with a branch in richmond.

the dress is here and the shoes are like these only in black suede (the lk bennett site is shite and has no pics). hat is big and ivory with a huge caramel/ivory splodgey flower.

so - am trying to find a smallish black suede bag - not clutch (need a strap otherwise it'll be lost within seconds of me downing my first glass of champagne).

god i really hope no MNers are at the wedding - you'll be able to spot me from a mile off...

compo Thu 01-Jun-06 19:53:46


desperatehousewife Thu 01-Jun-06 19:54:03

may i just say what a gorg dress that is...and the shoes are lush too.

Isn't there a dept store in richmond? What about LK bennett - they normally do nice little bags? Or borrow one?

compo Thu 01-Jun-06 19:55:30

or you could try Monsoon/Accessorize

Esmummy Thu 01-Jun-06 19:56:47

Have you got an accessorize ?

Tutter Thu 01-Jun-06 19:58:59

it's a clutch compo - no good for me - have lost bags that way in the past...

but yes, there's a monsoon and an accessorize in richmond - haven't tried them yet...

lk bennett have a huuuge suede one to match the shoes but (a) it's £100 and (b) you could fit arugby player in it - i only need it for powder, lippy and phone.

suejonez Thu 01-Jun-06 20:24:35

Tutter I think I have a vintage (1950's) suede handbag somewhere but is has a short handle not a long one. Big gilt starburst on front and hard gilt handle. You can borrow it if you want to but I'm leaving tomorrow morning at 10am for the weekend - so it's tonight or early tomorrow only!

LadyCodofCOdford Thu 01-Jun-06 20:35:36

love that dress

try trievr island for bags fo a ccessorixe or tk max

006 Thu 01-Jun-06 20:37:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

tenalady Thu 01-Jun-06 20:37:46

my dh would have a heart attack if i spent money like that on a dress. Its is gorgeous though

Tutter Thu 01-Jun-06 20:54:10

006 - you're right - about sunnies, that is - going to be hot on saturday i think. but other crap can go in ds's change bag -to be carried by dh, of course.

suej - well, if you're sure i'd be a fool to refus. i'm off out tomorrow morning at 9ish so could pop to you then? how do i get your address? i've never CATed before...

Tutter Thu 01-Jun-06 20:54:21

or refuse, even

Tutter Thu 01-Jun-06 20:55:22

tenalady, i thought £160 wasn't too bad i am going to 3 weddings this year though, so does that make it better?

suejonez Thu 01-Jun-06 21:17:47

It's worth borrowing even if you decide not to use it. Email me suejonez @ (without the spaces obviously) I'm close to M&S - I'm sure you'll know it . i'm also in this evening if you want to pop around. I'll dig it out in a min.

Tutter Thu 01-Jun-06 21:22:14

sue - i think we may live closer to each other than you think - i'm about 30 seconds from m&s!

will email you now...

Tutter Thu 01-Jun-06 21:22:43

(god, you're not my neighbour are you - i've complained about them on here before )

suejonez Thu 01-Jun-06 21:48:42

Oh god you're not that awful woman who complained about me are you (SJ horrified at lending her bag to Moaning Minnie...)

Tutter Thu 01-Jun-06 21:51:37

oh god you are that awful woman whose teenage son slams doors at 3:45am

suejonez Thu 01-Jun-06 21:58:11

Ee's a nice lad, really ee is. Just misunderstood.

suejonez Thu 01-Jun-06 22:02:52

have just found bag - safely wrapped up. you can borrow it if you promise not to shop my lad to the cops.

Tutter Thu 01-Jun-06 22:04:25


i promise. won't throw up in it either.

suejonez Thu 01-Jun-06 23:08:55

It actually has a matching broach and earrings but you might find them a little sparkly

suejonez Sun 04-Jun-06 22:07:56

So... how was the posh wedding?

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