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How do you wear a friggin fascinator????

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TicTacsMum Thu 01-Jun-06 19:47:58

Am going to a wedding at the weekend and am rushing a bit at the last minute..... Bought a fascinator today - quite a simple one from next.

Problem is, i really don't know how, or where, to wear it (obviously on my head but other than that i'm clueless!)

If it helps, my outfit is a pair of brown linen trousers with extremely high heels. Not sure how i'm going to manage them as i'm normally a flattie person - trainers or boots only! On top i'm wearing a brown gold and orange halterneck and a kind of beigy goldy pashmina thing (i think!)

My hair is parted to the side and sits between my jaw and shoulder.

Help - how do i wear it?

FrannyandZooey Thu 01-Jun-06 19:51:22

I don't even know what it is

It sounds great

Greensleeves Thu 01-Jun-06 19:52:41

What the buggery bollocks is a fascinator when it's at home?

Tutter Thu 01-Jun-06 19:52:58

can you pop to see your hairdresser for ideas tomorrow?

i would have thought that using it to pin one side up in a loose twisty kind of way would be good.

TicTacsMum Thu 01-Jun-06 19:53:18

A kind of hairpiece thingy!!!!

Tutter Thu 01-Jun-06 19:53:24

<<snicker gs>>

franke Thu 01-Jun-06 19:53:52

In the manner of Scooby Doo, "uuhhhh?"

Tutter Thu 01-Jun-06 19:55:14

a fascinator

Esmummy Thu 01-Jun-06 19:55:30

Think its one of those feathery things is that right ? One of these ?

Point is......clueless as to how you fix one in though!

TicTacsMum Thu 01-Jun-06 19:55:54

No chance of popping to any hairdresser i'm afraid!!

Have tried that side twisty thing but i'm not sure whether i should wear it on the side with more hair or less hair. That sounds odd doesn't it but i don't know how else to put it!!

FrannyandZooey Thu 01-Jun-06 19:56:09

I am not really much the wiser from that link but hey, I really like the name

Esmummy Thu 01-Jun-06 19:56:10

Spooky, same site

Tutter Thu 01-Jun-06 19:56:24

ooh scary esmummy - we linked to the same site.

and i scrolled through several pages of google results to find mine...


TicTacsMum Thu 01-Jun-06 19:57:57

Thanks Esmummy & Tutter. That gives me a couple of ideas. Not sure why i didn't find anything that useful when I googled it. Should have maybe just done a search for 'fascinator' rather than 'fascinator - how to wear'!!!

Tutter Thu 01-Jun-06 20:00:24

i'd have thought to wear it on the side with less hair, but the pic shows otherwise. play around with it a bit.

Mercy Thu 01-Jun-06 20:46:43

Years ago a fascinator was the modern day equivalent of a push up type bra!

Avalon Thu 01-Jun-06 20:52:04

Lol - live and learn Mercy - I thought they were shawls or something in Victorian times!

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