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Opinions on silver/gold bags. Naff or nice and summery?

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cupcakes Thu 01-Jun-06 13:12:21

I was leaning towards the 'becoming naff' opinion but bought one yesterday. Tis a pewter silvery colour and textured like snake or crocodile hide. It's a really nice bag and feels v good (is Calvin Klein TK Maxx bargain) but just a bit unsure about the metallic.
Need a new bag for summer. If I don't keep this then I would like a red leather tote like this (but not as pricey).

LadyCodofCOdford Thu 01-Jun-06 13:14:01

like that idea

cupcakes Thu 01-Jun-06 13:16:12

which? the red or silver?

LadyCodofCOdford Thu 01-Jun-06 13:16:43


AllieBongo Thu 01-Jun-06 13:17:25

i have silver. not boden, but the poor persons equivalent from a hugh street store

cupcakes Thu 01-Jun-06 13:17:39

oh good.

AllieBongo Thu 01-Jun-06 13:17:46

who's hugh? high street

SueW Thu 01-Jun-06 13:34:28

Gold/silver leather shoes/bags/bikinis etc always seem to look good on Italian/Spanish/other dark/olive-skinned women.

They look completely naff if they are even in the same room as me

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