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pregnancy and colouring hair - is it safe? 1st trimester

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foxy1 Wed 31-May-06 22:31:51

Hello - I think I am in my first trimester and was considering have some highlights with foils put in my hair - is this safe?

Thank you

PinkTulips Wed 31-May-06 22:34:26

it's prefectly safe but be warned, hair can react very differantly to colour than when your not pregnant. i've heard horror stories of woman putting in blond dye and ending up with black!

foxy1 Wed 31-May-06 22:38:03

oh wow maybe I should leave it then. I didn't realise that! Is that the same all the way through the pregnancy.

PinkTulips Wed 31-May-06 22:39:13

never been brave enough to check tbh! i'd presume so though.

foxy1 Wed 31-May-06 22:40:42

ok thanks for advice. will stick with dull brown hair for now.

plummymummy Thu 01-Jun-06 17:18:37

I have a lot of grey so dyed mine early on in pregnancy and all throughout. No problems with baby or me. Hairdresser advice varies though.

cupcakes Thu 01-Jun-06 17:20:46

I want to dye mine to cover grey strands - but am going for similar brown not blonde so hope that will be ok.

zoeuk1 Thu 01-Jun-06 19:02:46

you could go for a natural hairdye without all the chemicals. you can buy them online. like this

zoeuk1 Thu 01-Jun-06 19:03:20

obviously choosing a colour you want. there are loads.

plummymummy Fri 02-Jun-06 12:07:45

That natural one looks good. Have you tried it?

YellowFeathers Fri 02-Jun-06 12:12:07

I had mine done when I was 13 weeks.

Colour came out fine.

pickle100 Fri 02-Jun-06 12:21:30

I read somewhere highlights ok as dye does not touch scalp....had mine highlighted throughout pregnancy and even in first twelve weeks as did not know was pregnant and no probs at all.

shazronnie Fri 02-Jun-06 12:23:29

Be warned hair grows faster in pregnancy so any regrowth will be noticeable sooner.

zoeuk1 Fri 02-Jun-06 13:26:31

when both my children were about 3 months old loads of my hair fell out. ive got thick curly hair and after both ds it went thin and straight! went back to normal after a few months.

sandradee Fri 02-Jun-06 13:34:14

I was advised by my midwife not to dye my hair. If you look at the babycentre they say that highlighting is OK as long as your skin does not come into contact with the chemicals since you absorb these through your skin.

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