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Which Parlux?

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TheCraicDealer Thu 08-Aug-13 15:14:38

Valium- literally lol'ing at my desk here!

valiumredhead Wed 07-Aug-13 23:26:04

Oh, I've noticed I've already posted on this thread such is my enthusiasm for parluxblush

valiumredhead Wed 07-Aug-13 23:24:55

320 one is fab and what they use in salons you will never use another make again! Well worth the money!

polyhymnia Wed 07-Aug-13 20:37:13

Hi coming late to this!

Which Parlix woul you recommend for my hair?- Short and choppy, fine but quite a lot of it. Want something really fast and effective but not too heavy.

BoomChicaBoom Fri 21-Jun-13 22:02:16

Thanks, I will get googling...

valiumredhead Fri 21-Jun-13 21:33:21

Can't remember where from. Possibly Feel Unique or Look Fantastic?

BoomChicaBoom Fri 21-Jun-13 21:25:08

Cool, compact 3200 it is then, thanks for links Leo. That is an amazing price valium!

valiumredhead Fri 21-Jun-13 18:48:25

Yes get the 3200, no one needs anything more powerful, it is amazing. Got mine for £55 iirc so shop around.

LeoandBoosmum Fri 21-Jun-13 13:58:38

Hi, ion technology just means 'tackles frizz and smooths' basically. You could go for this Parlux
Cheaper here with Parlux offering free delivery today:
There is also this Parlux (lighter and quiter but still has ion technology)

TeamJesse Thu 20-Jun-13 22:58:14

I thought this had died a death, thanks Boom for reviving it!

The Parlux website says that the Compact 3200 is the most widely used by hairdressers, so I guess that's the one to get?

What is ion technology, btw - what does it do?

BoomChicaBoom Thu 20-Jun-13 21:27:31

Thanks for the tips all!

LeoandBoosmum Thu 20-Jun-13 19:28:42

My 3500 supercompact has been going strong for three years. It dries super fast. I get a sleek finish but my hair does frizz later (I have very fine hair prone to frizz and don't like product so that's my own fault! LOL) I think I may get one with ion technology next time. Corioliss are also supposed to be good. BTW, I got my Parlux new off Ebay and made quite a saving!

FizzyFeet Thu 20-Jun-13 16:51:04

I've got the 3200 compact ionising one - I really like it. It is a wee bit heavier than most, but it dries my very thick, wavy, frizzy hair quickly and makes it straighter and smoother than my old one. According to dh it's quieter too which is a bonus. I do still use straighteners but less than I needed to before.

TheCraicDealer Thu 20-Jun-13 16:22:47

I got this one from Sallys, although you can get them much cheaper off amazon. It was an impulse buy to cheer myself up after having to spend the day in Limavady with work.

Anyway, at first I was a bit disappointed- I thought it would blow my head off and dry my hair in like a nanosecond. It didn't. It does however, dry it in such a way it isn't frizzy, it's straighter and it does it quicker. I only need to run my GHD's over the top, whereas before it was a bit of a trial.

Going back to my old hairdryer now, it seems about as effective as three fairies blowing on my hair.

tiokiko Thu 20-Jun-13 12:48:03

I ordered the compact one a few weeks ago and am not massively impressed with to be honest - I think it's still really heavy and doesn't do as good a job on my hair as my old one did (can't remember the make but it was some ionic one).

Gingerbics Thu 20-Jun-13 12:32:49

Hi I haven't got one but I've heard that they are quite heavy so I believe the compact one is the one to get, apparently they're amazing.

BoomChicaBoom Wed 19-Jun-13 23:07:15

Bit of a bump - I have been thinking the same thing. The numbers are confusing me and heard that the more powerful ones can actually be too powerful if that's possible?!

Help my frizzy locks please!

TeamJesse Wed 19-Jun-13 10:29:34

I know this has been done before, but can't find a definitive answer. I want to get a Parlux and have been reading reviews on Amazon etc., but still can't decide - 3200, 3800, compact, ION?

Please help me and my thick, wavy - oh all right, frizzy - hair.

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