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What colour is your front door?

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Northerner Tue 30-May-06 16:47:51

Mine is white atm, but wnat to paint it as it requires wiping down far too often!!

Which is supposed to be a lucky colour according to feng shui and all that?

NomDePlume Tue 30-May-06 16:50:01

Mine is a grotesque white plastic one atm, I HATE it. Getting quotes in to swap it out for something a bit more tasteful (and secure). New one will be glossy black with chrome door furniture (a la No.10 }

festiveface Tue 30-May-06 16:50:27

i thought it was red for feng shui, could be wrong though

i have white at front and black at the back

LIZS Tue 30-May-06 16:50:43

ours is a dirty white too ! Think racing green and dark blue are "good", or perhaps a rich red.

spacedonkey Tue 30-May-06 16:50:48


blueteddy Tue 30-May-06 16:52:27

Message withdrawn

sassy Tue 30-May-06 16:54:25

Darkish blue - Oxford Blue apparently. Nice.

expatinscotland Tue 30-May-06 16:56:05


JonesTheSteam Tue 30-May-06 16:56:45

Ours is dark green. Was white originally but DH painted it. Needs doing again actually!!

PiccadillyCircus Tue 30-May-06 17:04:24


Piccalilli Tue 30-May-06 17:09:51


Was meant to be dark blue but dried purple. At least it's different.

spacecadet Tue 30-May-06 17:15:39

i have a horrible white pvcu door, not my choice, it was here when i moved in.

niceglasses Tue 30-May-06 17:16:12

Mellow Yellow man.

MarsLady Tue 30-May-06 17:16:29

White! With a chrome number.

onlyjoking9329 Tue 30-May-06 17:23:14

ours is red, looks lovely, but starting to fade, i am not sure pink will look so nice.

IAmAMonkFromHunkerPennsylvania Tue 30-May-06 17:23:59

Black. Looks shit.

Mercy Tue 30-May-06 17:25:05

Black. I wanted Amsterdam Green but couldn't find it

flutterbee Tue 30-May-06 17:26:41

Mines a big white wooden door but all the paint is cracking (we have just bought the place) so we will be replacing the whole door soon, I quite fancy racing green it looked lovely on one of my mums old houses.

LadyGreensleevesofGreendale Tue 30-May-06 17:28:37

White PVC effort. Easy to clean.

IAmAMonkFromHunkerPennsylvania Tue 30-May-06 17:30:32

Would just like to clarify that I don't think black front doors look shit, just ours (probably something to do with the fact it doesn't fit, the paint's chipped and the bit of glass has been painted with what looks like that yellow stuff you put on headlights if you go abroad).


anniemac Tue 30-May-06 17:30:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

naswm Tue 30-May-06 17:35:04


sugarfree Tue 30-May-06 17:52:46

Varnished wood,with an oval window in the middle.

FioFio Tue 30-May-06 17:53:31

Message deleted

FrannyandZooey Tue 30-May-06 17:55:12

White PVC

Am I right in thinking that some of you are implying that front doors are meant to be cleaned?

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