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Help me with foundation?

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thebestpossibletaste Sun 16-Jun-13 17:47:47

I never wear foundation but think I need to these days!

The reason I don't wear it is because I can see it, it doesn't look natural. My skin is horrible; very sensitive due to psoriasis, ageing (I'm 48), dull ...

At the moment all I do is remove my mascara and blusher with Simple wipes at night and wash with clear water in the morning.

I have some BB cream and also No. 7 tinted moisturiser but they don't cover properly.

On my nose I have what I thought were blackheads but on closer inspection look like pores, maybe with hairs? Wtf ...? I am dark haired and struggle as I get older with upper lip and chin hairs, also wild eyebrows!

Not sure how I can improve the look of my skin and not sure what foundation to use. Does anyone have one they'd really recommend that looks fairly natural but will cover these pores?

BaconAndAvocado Fri 21-Jun-13 17:48:25

My Clinique sample is called Even Better, think I'm erring towards this one rather than Estée Lauder.

Choccywoccydiddlyboo Sat 22-Jun-13 18:35:52

I've been into town and got some foundation samples today. I only went to Clinique but in two different stores. The shades they've given me seem very different! They were quite stingy with their samples, just a tiny pot from each, but I guess if I don't need much they'll last a few days.

I got the cc and the super balance. Tbh I think the cc shade is closer to my skin tone but I will try them both and see which I prefer.

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