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covering tittage with an LBD for work

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EliotNess Sun 16-Jun-13 16:28:35

I have a work do to go to and have this dress. its great but revealing.

I was thinking that a "bandeau" * miss jean brodie emoticon* might work

any opinions

gymboywalton Sun 16-Jun-13 16:29:58

it doesn't look revealing in the least
it looks very safe

EliotNess Sun 16-Jun-13 16:31:05

lol maybe this one PEEPING OUT

EliotNess Sun 16-Jun-13 16:31:18

i know right. It does. But it aint

gymboywalton Sun 16-Jun-13 16:32:52

that bandeau thing is vile
why not just wear a black vest top underneath
like this?

EliotNess Sun 16-Jun-13 16:34:05

I could , i was thinking it might give aline. I need a modesty insert ;)

gymboywalton Sun 16-Jun-13 16:35:38

noddyholder Sun 16-Jun-13 16:36:08

I hate vests under dresses Marks do long line bras or did which are great for this and when you get home you can pretend to be madonna when you get undressed

EliotNess Sun 16-Jun-13 16:38:08


Aetae Sun 16-Jun-13 16:38:33

I have a dress that has a tendency to gape at the front - I pin it together and to my bra. Would that work?

EliotNess Sun 16-Jun-13 16:38:36

the dress is perfect for worky type stuff. clings in right bits.I suppose I could safety pin it

noddyholder Sun 16-Jun-13 16:39:42


EliotNess Sun 16-Jun-13 16:40:39

coo i LIKE THAT nod

noddyholder Sun 16-Jun-13 16:41:30

The tigers eyes wouldn't show

noddyholder Sun 16-Jun-13 16:42:04

Me too lovely shape Haven't seen in shop but does look nice

EliotNess Sun 16-Jun-13 16:42:21

i want the tiger to show ;)

noddyholder Sun 16-Jun-13 16:45:43

So would I

Pmsl at the tiger!

I think the neckline on this is wrong but I like it as a concept

Arisbottle Sun 16-Jun-13 16:57:38

It doesn't look that revealing to me.

EliotNess Sun 16-Jun-13 17:00:46


EliotNess Sun 16-Jun-13 17:01:28

I like that Cos one. No store here though. sad

noddyholder Sun 16-Jun-13 17:02:42

Those dresses can be a bit em 'provocative' if you are skinny with big knockers In fact the worse shape I am in the more i can get away with that look without the diana dors effect

Arisbottle Sun 16-Jun-13 17:03:45

Sorry Eliot, I missed that. I am also a bit of a tart.

smallandimperfectlyformed Sun 16-Jun-13 17:03:57

Things are often revealing on me that aren't on the models as I am bustier than they are. I don't recommend that Amazon thing, I have something similar from Avon and it keeps moving forward like a bib. I think a vest or bandeau would be better. Hope that helps.

EliotNess Sun 16-Jun-13 17:52:17

Lol at tart

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