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has anyone ever worn their mums wedding dress

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LadyCodofCOdford Tue 30-May-06 12:07:10

is there any point in storing them

or " cuthtme off and died them blue for an evenign dress"

as poeple usedto say

FioFio Tue 30-May-06 12:07:58

Message deleted

LadyCodofCOdford Tue 30-May-06 12:08:36

my mum borrowed hers
and the owners dd did wear it apprently

FioFio Tue 30-May-06 12:08:41

Message deleted

tenalady Tue 30-May-06 12:09:38

I dont know why I want to store mine really s'pose I cant bear the thought of throwing it out.

FrannyandZooey Tue 30-May-06 12:09:43

cod's mother's wedding dress

expatinscotland Tue 30-May-06 12:09:44

i wish! i'd have to have ribs taken out and major surgery to fit in that thing. it's a UK size 4.

FrannyandZooey Tue 30-May-06 12:10:23

Oh bother, click on the top one

LadyCodofCOdford Tue 30-May-06 12:10:27

no my m ums wa an ealry sixties wedding
very plain

FioFio Tue 30-May-06 12:11:26

Message deleted

acnebride Tue 30-May-06 12:11:55

with expat, wish I could but no way - my mum was slim as a reed, she looked just like julie andrews in sound of music in hers

FrannyandZooey Tue 30-May-06 12:12:34

What like link\{\this} cod?

(it is complete co-incidence all these brides look possibly Jamaican, btw )

LadyCodofCOdford Tue 30-May-06 12:13:04

actually muy mums was a bit liek this - htat sort of neckline

acnebride Tue 30-May-06 12:13:12

exboyfriend of mine, i was 18, round his house one rainy pm, his mum says, 'oh try on my wedding dress'

it fitted, she looked at me with dewy eye

i was out of there

FrannyandZooey Tue 30-May-06 12:13:16

I have stupid fingers today

here you go

acnebride Tue 30-May-06 12:14:18

yup cod, i think princess margarets was a bit like that too, very very nice look imo

LadyCodofCOdford Tue 30-May-06 12:14:21

snort! god no
look at my link

LadyCodofCOdford Tue 30-May-06 12:16:04

porincessms my mums was slimmer htna that

foundintranslation Tue 30-May-06 12:16:19

ooh I like that one Franny.

MrsBadgerAvecUneVoiture Tue 30-May-06 12:19:07

In the dim and distant past, when I was engaged to an ex, I was offered use of his mum's wedding dress, and even tried it on.
She had made it herself in 1960-something and it was quilted.
I got upset because I thought it was hideous and thought it would offend her horribly if I didn't wear it.
She got upset because it showed that she'd been shorter and a lot fatter than I was at the same age, though she cherished memories of being a sylph.
The ex in question got upset because he thought I'd want to wear it, but even he could see it looked ghastly and because I'd upset his mum by being tall and slim.

All round horror - much better avoided.

Personally, my wedding dress has no hope of being resurrected as an evening dress as is utterly the wrong shape, but I do have it in a box in the loft anyway. I have v fond memories of seeing my mum's wedding dress when I was about 5 and in the grip of princess/bride obsession - gave me a whole new take on Mummy knowing that she'd once worn a dress like that.

I also have idle thoughts of reusing some of the acres of satin and organza in the skirt as part of a christening outfit or as a daughter's / DIL's wedding outfit but have yet to do anything about them. Meanwhile, it's packed pretty small (size of a weekend suitcase), so I'm not about to get rid of it just yet...

FrannyandZooey Tue 30-May-06 12:33:42

Ok don't click here if you are feeling delicate.

I truly promise I am not finding all Jamaican-looking brides on purpose btw

Tommy Tue 30-May-06 12:36:04

My Mum was 19 when she got married and probably about a size 8.
I was 34 and 8 weeks pregnant - only sort of fitted into my own wedding dress! Still have it in the wardrobe, still not been drycleaned....

FioFio Tue 30-May-06 12:40:05

Message deleted

FioFio Tue 30-May-06 12:40:36

Message deleted

FrannyandZooey Tue 30-May-06 12:41:35

It's quite something isn't it Fio?

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