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Obi wrap belts for the, ahem, curvier lady - Yay or nay?

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Bexicles Sat 15-Jun-13 20:43:17

OP I think the belt is really lovely but if it does add centimetres maybe a waspie would be better? I think they do leather ones.

Technically yes (you've put something thick around you) but it doesn't make me look bigger. Only time I would actually notice is if I tried to put something else like a coat over. But that's often an issue with belts due to chunky buckles etc

JoyceDivision Sat 15-Jun-13 20:24:10


sound of my balloon being burst by homebythesea

It adds centimetres?????

homebythesea Fri 14-Jun-13 12:44:31

I've got one of these- you need to bear in mind then when wrapped it is quite thick so actually adds a couple of centimetres. I would say you need to have a waist to pull it off otherwise it will just sit on the belly and maybe make you look wider

TJH1 Fri 14-Jun-13 11:52:40

That belt is lovely, I am looking for a cheaper one in orange, not had much luck though, I might just have to bite the bullet.

ChewingOnLifesGristle Fri 14-Jun-13 09:39:24

Oh gawd why did I click on this? I wasn't even sure what an obi belt was until I looked at the link (well I knew the style of belt, but I didn't know that was the name).

Now I simply must have one. That lovely soft leather looks divine.

iMe Fri 14-Jun-13 09:24:05

Love that belt. I have very similar from Asos for a fraction of the price, only difference is mine kinda just twists at the back, whereas that one does something fancy & neat at the back. I'm a 12/14 with boobs, thunder thighs, cs overhang...I think it works. Enjoy your big night! smile

snoworneahva Fri 14-Jun-13 09:00:34

I always think they look best on skinny boyish shapes to give the illusion of shape. I can't wear a gathered skirt either, I suspect for the same reason, my hips look huge!

I'm hourglass regardless of my size too, have a leather Obi belt and love it. It's had so much use, it works over a lot of dresses. I'm a 14-16 roughly.

snoworneahva Fri 14-Jun-13 07:20:16

I'm an hourglass and whether I've been a size 14 down to size 8, I'm 5ft 8 and I've never been able to pull off the whole belted look - my waist is small and my hips and boobs and largish - belting exaggerates this which is not a good look - well I mean not for me.

Aetae Fri 14-Jun-13 07:08:30

I think if you are hourglass as the others said it could look amazing, just practice a bit to get the right way to tie the obi- it needs to lie flat so it doesn't just look like a random scruffy thing.

Black on black is good I think unless you're v tall, as I find belting with a contrast colour can make you look shorter.

Angie Stone is spanxed up to the eyeballs in that pic btw (and looking bloody amazing), which is of course another option...

Limoncellolovely Fri 14-Jun-13 07:00:56

Agree with Happy it's all about shape not size as long as your waist is slim in relation to the rest of you it will look great ! I have just bought an obi belt from them and it is indeed gorgeous. I hummed and haaad for about a year but the only other leather one I saw was in Mango and that was £30 and not particularly nice leather. There is plenty of advice on their website and is a whole section devoted to obi belts and the how to wear them unlike the high street they do extra long if you ask for it. I am glad I bought it I have had it four days and worn it every day I have used it to give a maxi dress a bit more shape and over what I had considered a frumpy waterfall cardigan a new lease of life by making it look a lot more stylish. Why not order it and try it ? I ordered mine it arrived the next day and they do accept returns. If you keep an eye on their Facebook page or Twittet feeds they do sometimes have discount codes I am waiting for one of these before I order another one.

HappyGirlNow Thu 13-Jun-13 22:13:46

Depends on your shape rather than your size. If you're hourglass with a smaller waist and larger hips/bust and not too big a belly it'll be great. If you're an apple shape with a fat waist or big belly it won't...

JoyceDivision Thu 13-Jun-13 21:51:10

Am v jealous you can make one! It's only because it's my birthday I would even consider buying it, and I have to admit its the price thats making me stop, I don't even pay that for jeans!

Go on, make one!

NeoMaxiZoomDweebie Thu 13-Jun-13 21:44:26

It's a gorgeous belt and it'll look great! I want one BADLY but no way can I pay 40 quid for a belt. I am sitting here contemplating making one! I can sew...I can source great leather....soft and pliable...I bet I can do it. grin

JoyceDivision Thu 13-Jun-13 21:39:22

Black belt on black dress is my plan! Even considering a dress is daring for me! Adding any accessories is near crazyness!!

NeoMaxiZoomDweebie Thu 13-Jun-13 21:37:20

You won't look like a balloon...I would team it with a darker colour dress like Angie Stone did though...or it may show up your bumps a bit too much.

BettyButterknife Thu 13-Jun-13 21:32:50

If it's good enough for Angie Stone...

JoyceDivision Thu 13-Jun-13 21:26:40

Why didn't I think of that?? Doh!!

I do have rather huge boobs so I balance out shape wise, just don't wantto look like a balloon tied in the middle grin

NeoMaxiZoomDweebie Thu 13-Jun-13 21:13:13

God that's GORGEOUS!

I am not an expert but I am a size 14...I wouldn't be able to pull it off I don't think but that's because I have a upper body is very slim in comparison to the rest of weight is ALL on my hips and that would only accentuate it. However if you are in proportion it could work...the idea of it though is to make a slim waist look slimmer...hence the width of it.

I would put my shirt dress on if I were you and use a piece of black fabric in the same width as the belt...and tie it around or just hold it where the Obi would be...that will give you an idea before you buy. That leather looks v soft so you'll get an idea.

JoyceDivision Thu 13-Jun-13 20:57:34

Have been looking at this beauty here

I'm a 16 (maybe an 18 if I don't put teh Ben and Jerrys down) and I don't weardresses or skirts very often, but I'm on a big night out soon and have a lovely shirt dress thatis just beloe knee length and slightly fitted.

Would I look foxy and glam or a boiled leg of ham?

Obi experts help!

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