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Colour analysis people, can you help?

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FruitSaladIsNotPudding Thu 13-Jun-13 10:58:17

So I'm quite intrigued by this colour analysis thing but I'm just trying to figure out how it might work for me before spending the money. Is there anywhere I can go to see what the difference sessions look like? I went to the kettlewell website but can't seem to be able to find an overview of the seasons.

Also, anyone care to take a punt on which season I might be? I have dark hair, grey/blue eyes and pale skin. I know white suits me and brown looks awful.

Thanks in advance for any help!

AngieAir Fri 14-Jun-13 07:49:59

I agree that you should invest in getting your colours done. I had mine done last month. I suspected that I was some kind of autumn as brown haired and befreckled but it also showed me colours I looked fab in but would never have looked twice at before, like this link. I went with two friends and they had more tricky colouring and neither were what we predicted.

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