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MN Vogue - vol 13

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shopafrolic Wed 12-Jun-13 18:24:08

It might be unlucky for some but vol 13 is open to all who want to chat style, beauty and much more besides. Continued on from here

QueenCadbury Sun 23-Jun-13 21:39:07

grumpy maybe it'll rain and sports day will be postponed? Otherwise I'm sure she'll love despicable me I can't wait to see it.

Good luck marsha.

Night all.

libertychick Sun 23-Jun-13 22:35:41

Hope all goes well tomorrow Marsha.

MarshaBrady Sun 23-Jun-13 22:52:48

Thanks everyone, so nice thanks.

Despicable Me 2 sounds great. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 is out in September, looks really good.

Am in bed but not very tired, eek better sleep.


shopafrolic Mon 24-Jun-13 08:20:55

Morning all. Lovely links Dry I love those caged sandals.
Rubbish weather here today so dull wearing J Brand Sashas and RL breton with red Soludos espadrilled. Just need a string of onions.
Massive argument with DH yesterday sad He told me to pack my bags. That's all really......

MarshaBrady Mon 24-Jun-13 08:49:40

Shop oh no! sad are you ok?

OneLittleLady Mon 24-Jun-13 08:54:34

sad shop , I hope you work things out

santamarianovella Mon 24-Jun-13 09:43:21

i hope your ok shop sad.

mignonette Mon 24-Jun-13 09:48:50

Shop....Sweetie, I am sending you love and strength. I hope things get better. sad

Loving the Sigers Morrison sandals Dry

Good luck Marsha -am hoping for a successful start for you.

I had a different kind of weekend than the relaxing one in Suffolk planned.

We arrived Fri evening and went to a local nature reserve to watch the owls and Kingfishers at sunset then meant to go for a pub supper. However whilst sitting in a bird hide (I live in the fast lane, I do), the heavy wooden framed window that you push up and latch to look out of slipped out of its latch and crashed down full force on my head. i went down like a kingpin and stayed down. My friends and dh then had the lovely task of bodily hauling me half a mile to the cars whereupon I was conveyed to the local A&E. Spent the rest of the evening in CT etc and a night on a trolley vomiting and seeing double. Luckily point of impact was my crown otherwise I'd likely have fractured my skull. Had to have a four inch gash glued. I look wonderful as you can imagine with my hair standing on end and a lovely bruise spreading down towards my ear.

However, I can still wear clothes and am dressed up in a Creatures of the Wind skirt here that I got in a sample/offload sale that a friend in magazines took me to. I am wearing it with a pale blue/grey sweatshirt from Gap, a white shirt underneath from Cos and my silver Sam Edelman sandals although my feet are freezing and making me eye up woolly tights covetously.

Re the Parka chat, I am a big fan of Christopher Raeburn. I have his first parka, the one modelled by Blake Lively in American Vogue. He has some lovely stuff. Have a google and my parka is also on pin on various boards.

Linus about to go check your pin out.

LinusDKD Mon 24-Jun-13 11:29:33

shop oh no! I hope when he has calmed down you can work things out! ((((hug))))

Mignonette what a lucky escape! I hope you feel better soon.

McNally Mon 24-Jun-13 11:40:22

Oh shop, are you ok?

Poor you Mignonette. Hope you have a swift recovery.

Hope today goes well Marsha.

QueenCadbury Mon 24-Jun-13 12:29:27

Oh my goodness, what's been happening? shop I've pm'd you, hope you're ok. mig that sounds awful but I'm glad you're ok. And even gladder that you can think about fashion grin. Hugs to you both.

No news from me except that I returned all the kaliko tops today. Despite the blue one being a perfect colour and fit there and only £19 there was just no justification in keeping it. Not sure why I ordered it really confused as I realise I do have plenty of other things to wear to the christening in 2 weeks.

shopafrolic Mon 24-Jun-13 12:38:31

You're all lovely. Sorry, I shouldn't even have mentioned it on here. But do you ever sometimes feel we can tell each other more that I can tell my RL friends?
Anyway - thanks for all the PMs. It's stupid really. DH is struggling with the new job I think (no excuse). I asked him to mow the lawn this weekend (the one job he still does) and he decided with my dick of a FIL that we should rip up all the lawn and make it all flower beds. He asked me if that was ok. I said no:
1) nowhere for DS to play
2) Muggins here would have to maintain said flower beds while he sits on his arse and says how lovely our garden looks
I told him mowing the lawn is the only job I ask him to do and that I'm not prepared to work my arse off all week, entertain his parents all weekend and then be told he can't even take a couple of hours to mow the lawn. His mum and I said we should just pay someone to do it if he can't be bothered - he kicked off. I said he needed to sort his attitude out (he was yelling in front of our niece) and he told me if I felt that way I should pack my bags and leave. If I hadn't had 2 glasses of wine I would have done.
He's been unhappy for a long time. I thought the new job would help. It hasn't.
Anyway - that's the last I'll say on the matter. I've spent the morning doing all the jobs he tells me he doesn't have time / energy to do - been to the dump, finished mowing the lawn. This afternoon I'm going to take DS out for some much needed fun.
How's the new job Marsha I'm thinking of you!
Mignonette I hope you're feeling a little better and not too battered
My replacement NaP Dagmar sweater is on it's way......

shopafrolic Mon 24-Jun-13 12:39:46

Oh and someone got my M&S snakeskin flats for £10.50 lucky buggers!

libertychick Mon 24-Jun-13 13:45:13

Oh Shop horrible isn't it? DH and I had a massive row this weekend too...will pm you.

Mignonette sounds like you were very lucky - take it easy for a few days - I hope you don't do the typical nurse thing and drag yourself into work.

Hope all is going well Marsha.

I did a consolation order last night from John Lewis, Whistles, Charli and Mango stuff - will link if any of it is any good - these late night, sorry for myself orders rarely are though grin

mignonette Mon 24-Jun-13 14:46:27

Guilty as charged Liberty although now home as only had couple of DV's to make. Have lump on head the size of a small alien and permanent headache. Like a vise around my crown but I am lucky. if I had have been looking up it would have struck my temples and I've already fractured my skull there once before when I got hit by a bath hoist years ago at work. Unlucky or careless? You decide...grin

Shop - Those arguments are horrid and they escalate because they are about so much more than a lawn aren't they? I would send flowers but after what you said about having to look after flower beds, I'm sure more flowers are the last thing you need? Or maybe not! Yes, IRL, it is not always advisable to confide in friends especially about marital stuff because when you've moved on from a marital spat, friends may find it harder to forget...

Am drooling over photos of the Chanel Metier Des Artes photographs from last months show in Edinburgh. The craftsmanship.....This months Harpers Bazaar has a lovely interview/feature with Stella Tennant in which they visit several of the mills supplying Chanel (and others) with tweed, cashmere and other woollens. The interviewer mentions walking into one factory mill and seeing boxes and boxes of Chanel stuff just lying around-gloves, scarves, sweaters etc...drool

mignonette Mon 24-Jun-13 14:54:36

Have to post this - fabulous pin. What a great look....

OneLittleLady Mon 24-Jun-13 15:01:39

Oh you poor thing mig hope you're not in too much pain sad my shoulder muscles have gone into spasm again so have had to do what I dislike and get out the diazepam again. I'm trying very hard not to be taking it very often as I don't want to be dependent on them but it's hard when it's so painful.

My skinnies are actually making me look skinny less fat today. My hips finally seem to be shrinking and my back boobs don't seem so big either. I'm desperate to lose the weight but nothing seems to work. I've tried slim fast, slimming world, weight watchers and the 5:2 diet and it just doesn't shift. The dietitian even put me on an extreme 800 calorie a day diet and I didn't lose a single pound and I swear, I stuck to it exactly as dictated. The Gp says its my medications and there's nothing I can do except try not to put anymore weight on sad

libertychick Mon 24-Jun-13 15:11:04

Love that look mignonette, have repinned. Everything about it is perfect!

Great to hear the exercise is paying off one. It's hard coming to terms with not looking how you want to - if at all possible it is best to focus on the good bits.

mignonette Mon 24-Jun-13 15:16:20

OneLittle Its so important to take the Diaz. You can always ask your GP for a physio referral if you have anxieties about dependency but it does work and prevents you placing stress upon other joints because you are using them in an over compensatory manner.

Have you had a full Thyroid screen? For antibodies to it and thyroxine levels? Also an insulin resistance screen? And PCOS? Any tendencies there can make the weight stubborn to change...But boosting metabolism via exercise may be the only way if there is no organic reason...sad

shopafrolic Mon 24-Jun-13 15:20:23

In happier news I found the perfect coral lipstick this weekend. It seems to be good for my skin tone (Autumn) so all I need is mascara, eyebrow pencil and this for a half decent looking face! Oh and my Clinique CC cream which is fab.

shopafrolic Mon 24-Jun-13 15:21:10

Love that Pin Mignonette v classic

OneLittleLady Mon 24-Jun-13 15:25:45

mig I've had my thyroid levels checked but they came back normal, bottom end of normal but still normal. I've been tested for diabetes as well. I'm told that one of my meds (quetiapine, my other one is by injection - depixol) has to be monitored for that. Given that you said you work in psych nursing ( I think anyway), I'm guessing you have some idea what that is and does? I've been checked for ovarian cysts and nothing there. There seems to be no good reason for me to have put so much weight on and I really really don't over eat. I eat one meal a day, I don't snack and I get plenty of exercise.

mignonette Mon 24-Jun-13 15:30:57

I have been experimenting with corals. I'm still unsure regarding whether they suit me but they look so beautiful on some women. I have an old Clinique coral lipstick (along with berry kiss, berry glow) and have been trying that out before buying. I also have an Agnes B coral lipbalm that suits my reticence better. I just wear a slash of eye liner (Dior, pinched from my Mother!) and lipstick to work. I don't wear mascara as my contacts hate it and I recently had blocked mebium glands (along eyelid) which I wondered might be caused by the Gel eyeliner waterproofing and therefore blocking them. So no mascara and an eye pencil which comes off easily.

I have a Guerlain 'Divinora' lipstick in that heavy gold bullet case and scented with Parma Violets that i adore that is a rich wine-red. I tend to apply with a lipbrush as a stain. Another favourite is Paul & Joe's Raspberry-Mure.

Has anyone tried the new Estee Lauder Gelo blush sticks? They look delicious- all bright and fresh.

santamarianovella Mon 24-Jun-13 15:34:22

good god mig your weekend sounds terrible,hope your head is better.

shop i know you must be feeling awful,its always worse the day after a huge argument,the whole thing keeps replaying in your head. hope you enjoy your day out with your DS,and that you can work it out with your DH.

santamarianovella Mon 24-Jun-13 15:48:07

how is the cc cream shop ? i wanted to try it the other day but had Dcs with me.

i love coral lipsticks and with my skin tone i could get away with most shades of coral,costa chic and ravishing by mac are my fav,

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