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Recommendations, please - where should I shop?

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BabCNesbitt Mon 10-Jun-13 22:33:02

I've been trying since DD was born 19 months ago to put together a more 'grown-up' capsule wardrobe appropriate to a SAHM (whatever the hell that means), but every time I try that, I get so BORED with the stuff I've bought. I used to wear lots of vintage 60s dresses from eBay, but BFing has ruled these out for the time being, and I'm sick of eBaying anyway. It seems to be more hit than miss at the moment, and I really need a functioning day-to-day wardrobe rather than lots of Crimplene scooter dresses. grin

I'd like to get some separates that have a similar feel to what I used to wear (I have a Pinterest board here that shows the kind of style I like - brighter colours, semi-fitted, no bloody frills or sequins, not sheer), but is there anywhere on the high street where I could find that? I don't have a big budget, but I wouldn't mind spending a bit more (like up to £30/£40 for a top) and having a few decent quality bits and pieces, rather than filling my closet with crap that'll go shapeless after two washes. Does this exist on the high street at the moment? So far everything I've liked the look of winds up being made from see-through scratchy polyester...

Thanks for any suggestions!

Notcontent Mon 10-Jun-13 22:54:29

How about Noa Noa or Comptoir des Cottoniers ?

Cos ? Uniqlo is good for basics.

BabCNesbitt Mon 10-Jun-13 23:06:43

I went into Cos, but the tops didn't seem to be cut to fit my shape. (I've got large-ish norks, but a fairly thick waist, so I suit shift dresses with bust darts much more than the 50s-style stuff for hourglass shapes.) If it fitted me over the chest, it stuck out over my belly and made me look pregnant, iyswim - same problem with Uniqlo in the past sad but I'll give them another try. Noa Noa looks like it's more soft and romantic than I tend to go for, but I did like the look of this. smile

libertychick Mon 10-Jun-13 23:13:15

Have a look around TKMaxx - they have a lot of Antoni and Alison knitwear ATM which might work with your style. Lots more in the shops than on the website.

BabCNesbitt Mon 10-Jun-13 23:21:04

Ooh, I do like those - thanks!

BabCNesbitt Tue 11-Jun-13 10:48:30

Bumping for daytime. (Is it rude to do that? Ah, well... )

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