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Have you ever taken make up back to the shop cos it didn't do what it said on the can??

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drosophila Sat 27-May-06 14:18:47

I bought a fake tan for about £20. It is crap and I am so tempted to take it back and say I want my money back. It doesn't give a golden glow and it is impossible to apply.

FrannyandZooey Sat 27-May-06 14:32:07

I take everything back. I have found shop staff most resistant to taking back make up, but in this case you should have no problems, especially as it sounds like it's a good brand. Have you got a receipt?

Twiglett Sat 27-May-06 14:38:17

"I'd like to bring this make-up back please .. I'm still ugly"

spinach Sat 27-May-06 14:59:03

debenhams will take makeup back

drosophila Sat 27-May-06 20:18:20

It was house of fraser. Honestly it was terrible. I have read about it on make up alley and they echo my thoughts. Wish I had read reviews first. Will look for receipt.

expatinscotland Sat 27-May-06 20:19:38

no, but I wish I had! Be braver than me! Take it back!

Pruni Sat 27-May-06 20:24:28

Message withdrawn

drosophila Sat 27-May-06 20:31:22

It was Lancaster spray one. I understand the cream ones are fine according to makeup alley. Bet I won't be able to find receipt.

FrannyandZooey Sat 27-May-06 21:56:34

Ah, I was just going to say, if you have the receipt then it will make life easier. Otherwise they can say "oh how do we know you bought it from here?" However with faulty or substandard goods (which this is) you do not have to provide a receipt. Or so I believe. Just be very polite and assertive. Quote Sale of Goods Act (that goods must be fit for the purpose for which they are sold) if they need a little persuading

drosophila Sun 28-May-06 19:51:04

It was Lancome not Lancaster. I got confused. Can't find effing receipt.

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