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Trousers and shorts for a slim waist but ample bottom and thighs?

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minipie Thu 06-Jun-13 12:01:06

Just that really. I desperately need some new summer trousers and shorts as post pregnancy my previous ones don't quite fit any more <weep>

I've always found it hard to fit my figure, if they fit over my bum and thighs then they gape at the waist. Most shops seem to cut for women with broad waist/hips and slim legs, the opposite of me. I can't get to the shops easily with baby in tow so am hoping kind MNers with similar figures could point me in the right direction?

pretty please? White Stuff used to be ok for me so I will try there but that was years ago so may have changed. Any other good sources? Especially anywhere that I can order online and return easily!

Keztrel Thu 06-Jun-13 12:11:58

Am watching with interest as I have the same problem! Last year I bought some black slim leg cropped trousers from Next that had the right proportions, so they might be worth a look, though I don't like Next usually.

And I ended up buying a pair of hideously expensive shorts from Whistles because they were the only ones that were loose on my thighs and fit round the waist. They're gorgeous though and I've had a lot of wear out of them.

Keztrel Thu 06-Jun-13 12:19:37

Also, have a look for peg leg trousers (if you like that style) - I love them and they are baggy on the thighs/hips so tend to fit our shape well. You can take the waist in on them without it looking odd, too, because of the pleats at the top.

SinkyMalinks Thu 06-Jun-13 12:51:17

Gap fits me well (size 12 bum and thighs, 26 inch waist)

Jigsaw is ok, but pricey.


I'm keen to know other places as well!

SinkyMalinks Thu 06-Jun-13 12:51:58

Oh, but gap is only some styles. The current work cropped ones I've got are good - I can root out the name later if you want.

minipie Thu 06-Jun-13 12:59:51

Ah yes had forgotten gap, I have found some of their styles work in the past.

will check out jigsaw, next and whistles, thanks.

I am short (5' 2 and a half 3) so suspect peg leg trousers would make me look like Tweedledum, but willing to try...

Keztrel Thu 06-Jun-13 13:05:56

I'm 5'5", so not especially tall, and always wear flats, and I find peg leg trousers work as long as I wear a very close fitting top (eg a tight scoop neck tshirt). Cropped, boxy jumpers seem to work too.

Gap has never managed to accommodate my thighs yet, but maybe I've been trying the wrong styles! I dream of the perfect pair of skinny black ankle skimming trousers but haven't found them yet...

Naoko Thu 06-Jun-13 13:14:51

I had the shorts issue last year, must've tried on a million pairs varying from very cheap'n'nasty to way, way out of my budget (was getting desparate). I eventually found some in Tesco, of all places. Maybe they'll have them again this year?

minipie Thu 06-Jun-13 13:19:48

Ah ok, maybe I've written peg legs off too quickly then!

Naoko, what were they like? am willing to trawl their website if you provide a description...

Pancakeflipper Thu 06-Jun-13 13:22:07

I was surprised but after a tip off on here I got some Boden jeans as I have a very small waist but got hips. Usually have to use a belt or the jean fall down pulling my knickers with them ( not a good look).

The Boden ones fit brilliantly and are comfy.

minipie Thu 06-Jun-13 13:38:10

I wondered about Boden but assumed wrong shape. Which style are they Pancake as I'm after jeans as well (in fact I need a whole new wardrobe, sigh)

jennifersofia Thu 06-Jun-13 13:41:03

I have this issue (size 12 bottom / hips and 10 waist). I usually stick with skirts! Can't really find anything that fits properly. Why don't manufacturers take ample bottomed people into consideration?

Pancakeflipper Thu 06-Jun-13 13:43:30

Bootcut washed jeans( bit darker than what I would really desire but hey they fit ! )

I got petite ones.

minipie Thu 06-Jun-13 13:44:12

excellent, thanks will give them a go.

minipie Thu 06-Jun-13 13:45:17

Jennifer - I know! I feel like I'm in the wrong era style wise - 50s style clothes work so much better than skinny jeans and drapey tops.

piratecat Thu 06-Jun-13 13:45:28

have the very same problem. the only shorts look that seem ok length wise are mid way between crotch and knee. not tight tho, otherwise my thighs look like two balloons/sausages.

on the knee chops me in half (5ft3).

i picked up a very plain pair in M&S last year.

trousers wise, pegs have too much material in the bum thigh area. A capri type lightweight yet sturdy material trouser would suit me. NO pockets!

sick of only having jeans sad

Pancakeflipper Thu 06-Jun-13 13:48:33

I also have a comfy pair from Next but need a belt with them. Again a bootleg cut. But they are ancient and not sure if they still do that range.

Make sure you go for ones that are a very high cotton like 98% 99% and not the 75% types cos they just feel and leg clingy ( not us hippy chicks...)

piratecat Thu 06-Jun-13 13:48:56

oh if you're after jeans, i'd recommend New look 9.99 dark denim ones.

i still have to wear a belt but they are so flattering on the bum.

[[ these and they come in different lengths]]

piratecat Thu 06-Jun-13 13:49:42


dizzy77 Thu 06-Jun-13 13:52:15

I get on (or got on) ok with the Cherry skinnies from Oasis, about £50 I think so not super cheap but lasting. They also do more of a jegging type with a bit more stretch in them, can't remember the name, maybe jade? Darker colours most flattering on me.

I'd second the advice about a belt: I resisted for years but provided your top covers any muffinage, it doesn't need to be on very tight to provide enough confidence and avoid constant hoick-upage.

minipie Thu 06-Jun-13 13:52:33

agree pancake, I need thick and stiffish fabrics generally on the thigh area. clingy is Not Good.

will test out the new look ones if I can get to a new look...

minipie Thu 06-Jun-13 13:53:46

ps thanks everyone for suggestions so far!

are there any less well known brands that are any good for this shape? I'm thinking about online/catalogue type brands, you know, the ones you've never heard of till the catalogue drops through your door.

dizzy77 Thu 06-Jun-13 13:54:24

Sorry: past tense as had DS2 a couple of days ago so in mat jeans at the moment which avoid the problem altogether, but of course are otherwise toilet. Although I did wear the Jades referred to above unzipped with a belt until I started pigging out in style at 34 wks.

Pancakeflipper Thu 06-Jun-13 13:57:07

Best belts that feel comfy are the material/canvas type ones, they don't dig in when you sit down. But check that your belt hooks are wide enough for them as some are thicker than a leather belt.

This sort of thing:

Naoko Thu 06-Jun-13 14:25:07

I had a look on the Tesco website for you mini and I can't see the exact same ones I'm afraid, although some are quite similar so maybe they'll have the same sort of fit? Mine are quite short on me but I am nearly 6ft so on someone shorter they'd be a bit more generous; they're quite similar to these only mine came with a tied fabric belt of the same fabric as the shorts, and they came in blue, white, tan and green as well as black.

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