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running shoes (jogging)

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SSSandy Fri 26-May-06 19:59:27

Still toying with the idea of running regularly (gasp pant wheeze) and thinking about getting the right gear. Do I need to get proper running shoes or will any sportshoes do (we're talking about a jog around the block not a 10 mile run)? Went to a sportswear shop today and saw shoes for every kind of sport, including running. They're expensive :-(

Any runners : which shoes do you wear . How much would you spend on running shoes?

Clure Fri 26-May-06 20:52:07

I went to a sports shop in a local retail outlet and they basically showed me suitable running shoes - I asked them to show me what was in the sale. Got a pair of Saucony's (which are American) a mate of mine who used to do a lot of running said these were good running shoes. he said you don't have to spend loads to get a decent shoe. Also said Nike were reasonable. hth

notasheep Fri 26-May-06 21:31:44

Asics are best by far-£50 should get you a pair

JiminyCricket Fri 26-May-06 21:49:17

Go to a proper running shop where they actually watch you run in the shoes (OK bit embarrassing) and tell you what kind of support you need...some of them have a mat in the shop which shows up an image on a computer which shows this as well. I got asics through this process - they were £80 but dh got them for my birthday (he didn't quite realise how generous he was being ) Get some running socks too (two layers) they are unbelievable comfy and you can get them quite cheap. Difficult, as you prob want to see how much you enjoy the running before you invest in the shoes, but they might make all the difference to you enjoying...£40 - £50 should get something decent? BTW I am totally cr*p at running, run really slowly, but i ran three or four times a week since november and I just managed to do a local 10K race and ran all the way.

Posey Fri 26-May-06 22:02:06

Yes go to a proper shop and get them to look at the way you run (take a pair of shoes so they can see where you tread heaviest). I had bad knee pain and it was due to my trainers being worn out and offering no shock-absorption. New ones are brill.
I like asics ones btw.

SSSandy Sat 27-May-06 17:37:46

Great! Thanks for all the tips, feeling inspired now , so I'll go and have a look on Monday. Not keen on demonstrating my running in front of the shop assistants but I suppose running along the street will be a whole lot more embarrassing.

Saggarmakersbottomknocker Sat 27-May-06 17:46:51

Hi SSSandy - I wear Asics too, usually pay about £50 for a pair but there often worth more as my local running shop has loads of offers and often you can get an end of line bargain.

Enid Sat 27-May-06 17:49:09

i have sauconys

JonesTheSteam Sat 27-May-06 17:51:23

I have Asics as well - only started about 5 weeks ago (although haven't done any this week as DH is away and I couldn't ask my parents to come and look after the children so I could go running).

Mine were from one of the big sports shops (can't remember which one) and they were about £30 but were reduced. Very comfortable.

BadHair Sat 27-May-06 17:55:07

Agree with sheep - Asics are far and away the best. I have the Asics gel modena ones and they're loveellly to run in. They were on an offer in JB Sports in March for £30 - worth every penny.
Air ones (Nike etc) have a bad reputation for leaky air cells that end up leaving parts of your foot uncushioned and making you run lop-sided. Gel is best, apparantly.

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