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Self tanner / fake tan novice - what would you recommend?

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way2serious Sun 02-Jun-13 18:47:05

I would like to start using something to add a bit of summer colour to my legs, arms, face, etc. I have used Johnson's Holiday self tanner in the past but have never used a fake tanning product. I know there have porbably been lots of threads about this but which products would you recommend?


RiRi83 Tue 04-Jun-13 11:11:43

Palmers Cocoa Butter with gradual tan is great IMO - Cheap, smells fab and good for your skin too (and any impending stretch marks (I'm 19 + 4)) shock

Djangounhinged Tue 04-Jun-13 12:24:13

I've just started using Xen Tan, and it's lovely - nice vanilla smell and I have the mist version which is easy to apply. You spray it on to a mitt and just wipe it on - goes on dark so you can see the bits you've missed. Supposed to last for a week but I'm finding I need to reapply every 4-5 days (partial to hot baths though, which doesn't help!).

I also use Dove gradual tanner, for time when I don't need to look so tanned - stops me from reverting to pale blue wink

grants1000 Tue 04-Jun-13 19:40:10

The srpay ones are good, 2 for £12 in Sainsbury's at the mo instead of £12 each, I used a light Ambre Solaire one and I am white, just spray on and it works really well, not orange just not white, sun kissed!

sneezecakesmum Tue 04-Jun-13 20:12:55

its the prep thats more important. make sure knees, elbows and heels/feet have the rough skin removed with body scrubs. moisturise those areas before applying the tan and leave to soak in. apply tan very thinly. mix with body lotion to build up slowly if it is a one application only. go for 'fair' or 'dark' according to your natural colouring.

singaporefling Tue 04-Jun-13 22:35:27

Yep St Tropez gradual tanner ALWAYS mixed with very creamy (not too runny) moisturiser at the same time, mixing as i go along - favourite is hawaiian tropic in a big pale green tub...Smells beautiful too..One blob of that to two squirts of st trop, especially on elbows/ankles/knees - works a treat smile

Turquoiseblue Tue 04-Jun-13 22:57:55

I ve tried lots. MY absolute favourite, it gives a really even and super natural glow, is vani t bronzing custard here.
it doesn't smell that bad - ignore anyone who tells you fake tan doesnt smell - it does, I haven t come across a fake tan without a smell ever and I ve tried nearly most of the ones listed above bar the st moritz.
I ve also got the vani t bronzing self tan mousse which too gives a nice result but i find the tube of bronzing custard lasts longer ( i apply it every day for 2 days to start then every 2-3 day (exfoliate beforehand) it doesn't build so strong that it gets patchy or clumpy. I m pale and fair, it gives a lovely glow that i get a lot of compliments on.
My lovely friend recomended st tropez to me recently - which I m quite impressed with too - the smell of perfume in the moisturiser overpowers a lot of the fake tan smell, I'm using the light/ medium and it s building up nicely.
I was disappointed with the vita liberata, it faded in blotches and patches.

Allthingspretty Wed 05-Jun-13 07:58:59

Theres a tube of rodial self tan free with Elle this month op

curlycreations Wed 05-Jun-13 10:35:01

fake tan mit from body care about £1 put on a plastic glove under it

KITTY2009 Wed 05-Jun-13 10:44:52

anyone know the best for freckled girls?

LouLou2104 Wed 12-Jun-13 12:16:16

As a professional in Spray Tanning the key factors are to exfoliate regularly and to moisturise daily.
To eliminate streaking and dark toes, mix the self tan lotion with a none oily moisturiser and use sparingly.
If you need any other tips or advice or even a Spray Tan I will be checking this site daily.Lou

Chicinwellies Wed 12-Jun-13 13:34:23

Go and buy the new Elle magazine which has free Rodial mini tubes, and specifically find the Clear one (neither light or dark are as good). For me this has been amazing, fail safe , no biscuit smell, and no streaks! X

MustTidyUpMustTidyUp Wed 12-Jun-13 13:50:25

squirrel and all other legs are so white they're blue people use the lightest Sally Hansen airbrush legs spray but spray it

MustTidyUpMustTidyUp Wed 12-Jun-13 13:52:13

Spray it onto a tanning mit then lightly onto legs.
It's the business. Just don't go too mad. I use it on my stretchmarks upper arms and chest a bit too.
Won't give a great tan but takes the edge off the white.
I love it and now go bare legs and never would before!

MustTidyUpMustTidyUp Wed 12-Jun-13 13:52:59

Also best results if you exfoliate and moisturise the day before.

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