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Please help me find a cheaper equivalent to this bag...

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blueraincoat Sun 02-Jun-13 17:40:18

Have wanted this since I saw it on Pintrest but its way out of my price range, just wondered if anyone had seen anything similar anywhere?

Thank you! smile

DrGoogleWillSeeYouNow Sun 02-Jun-13 17:50:48

How far out of your price range?

How about Whistles

Or Fossil

blueraincoat Sun 02-Jun-13 17:56:12

Thank you for those, it is mainly the stripes I love and that is quite a structured shape.

Would spend £100 max.

flanbase Sun 02-Jun-13 18:04:21

no stripes but is white with leather straps

MsWinnieBaygo Sun 02-Jun-13 18:06:09


MsWinnieBaygo Sun 02-Jun-13 18:08:31


blueraincoat Sun 02-Jun-13 18:10:03

Ooo the £24 is my favourite so far smile

Have actually seen the next one in store and wasn't that impressed with it.

tethersend Sun 02-Jun-13 18:10:18




blueraincoat Sun 02-Jun-13 18:10:18

Thanks guys btw

SoTiredAgain Sun 02-Jun-13 18:20:07


Or this but its a US site and not sure if they would ship to UK. Another US site but ship world wide, although the stripes are going the other way here. From Nordstrom and out of your price range if you include shipping cost but quite nice and structured toohere.

MsWinnieBaygo Sun 02-Jun-13 18:22:22

this for £80

Karbea Sun 02-Jun-13 18:24:02

There are a few options here but shopstyle is being a bit if a pain, so if this link doesn't work, let me know.

blueraincoat Sun 02-Jun-13 18:41:51

The Nordstrom one is perfect Sotired, does anyone have any experience buying from the US, I've never done it.

blueraincoat Sun 02-Jun-13 18:43:44

Oh just went to basket to investigate and Nordstrom add £40 worth of shipping and taxes sad

blueraincoat Sun 02-Jun-13 18:46:07

Missed your post Tethersend Loving the House of Fraser one. I think I will go have a look in store tomorrow.

Karbea Sun 02-Jun-13 18:48:09$ja=tsid:13932|prd:59442&utm_source=Webgains&utm_medium=Webgains&utm_campaign=Webgains

Karbea Sun 02-Jun-13 18:49:35,acc_1.7/3892191500?skipRedirection=true&skipRedirection=true&utm_campaign=uk-affiliates&utm_medium=affiliates&utm_source=linkshare&utm_content=uk-affiliates&siteID=0RpXOIXA500-0Pa.kyw0etVqf0msz5ZAFw

blueraincoat Sun 02-Jun-13 18:50:34

Thanks guys, am going to go have a look at the Henri Lloyd one in HOF tomorrow. Thanks for all your help.

Karbea Sun 02-Jun-13 18:50:38

Karbea Sun 02-Jun-13 18:52:03

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