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I got a total refund for my 7 jeans, 5 months after I bought them

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BeetrootOldDeer Fri 26-May-06 12:04:05

no reciept!

they were in terible condition. But hte lady in Selfridges was amazing

NomDePlume Fri 26-May-06 12:08:29

I'm amazed !

Why did you send them back, and what on earth prompted you to even think it was an option with no reciept and with them being so obviously worn ?!

BeetrootOldDeer Fri 26-May-06 12:43:39

they went at the knee and on the bum. and if i am paying 139 quid for a air of jeans I want them to last longer that 5 months. I went into selfirdges adn they have a copy of all transactions so they knew i was telling the truth

NomDePlume Fri 26-May-06 12:47:02


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