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where can i get smart casual clothes for dh?

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Hoopoe Thu 25-May-06 19:18:16

we have to go shopping this weekend to get dh some smart casual clothes for work. he has to have good quality clothes as he meets a lot of clients (so cost doesn't matter too much - within reason tho), but i don't want to traipse around loads of shops as i'll have our 3 month old with us. my dh is rather fussy too... any ideas? we live in london.

lorina Fri 26-May-06 13:32:11

House of fraser is good for jackets and shirts/tops. Its probably good for trousers too but my dh has dreadful trouble with trousers(massive thighs).

MrsBadgerTheCelloPedaller Fri 26-May-06 13:37:28

What's your DH's style and body shape like, and what does his work consider 'smart casual'? (I walwyas have trouble with this)

DH is a bad example as he is the Man From Gap, so we rarely go anywhere else. He staggers me when we go to the Gap factory outlet at McArthur Glen - I try on a couple of things and by the time I come out he's at the till with his new wardrobe for the year - last time it was 2x trous, 2x polo shirts, 3x shirts @ £3 each(!), shorts and a cotton blazer.
He does look good in it though!

FioFio Fri 26-May-06 13:38:03

Message deleted

MrsBadgerTheCelloPedaller Fri 26-May-06 13:40:15

(I have trouble with typing 'always' too, it would appear)

suzybow Fri 26-May-06 14:17:09

My dh buys loads of work casual stuff from Hackett (pricy but really good quality)

anniemac Fri 26-May-06 14:45:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

anniemac Fri 26-May-06 14:46:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

madmarchhare Fri 26-May-06 14:51:54

Debenhams. DH was almost having panic attacks when I suggested it for his last clothes shopping trip but was quite pleased with himself when he managed to get casual, wedding outfitS and smart worky stuff all in the same place. I even heard him recommending it to BIL.

handlemecarefully Fri 26-May-06 14:58:38

John Lewis menswear - excellent and eclectic range(when shopping for clothes for dh I am likely to see stylish 20 somethings as I am conservative 40 somethings buying enthusiastically from their menswear dept). My dh rang up and made a personal shopping appointment in their menswear department recently which was invaluable.

Hoopoe Fri 26-May-06 16:51:43

Thanks! We can pop into Debenhams / House of Frasier / John Lewis in Oxford Street.

Dh has really really thin, long legs with a small bum and a big, quite high waist. When shopping for his wedding suit the snotty salesman had the cheek to suggest he go to gym! Didn't buy a suit from them needless to say...

His work is often with media-type people and while he's not really a stylish-type bloke would probably like to wear the odd stylish thing. He has to be coaxed into it though and it can't be too wacky. He likes dark, unusual colours that you can't typically get shirts in: dark red, green, purple etc. He's got very dark hair so those colours look good on him, and he's got too much black already! ARHGHGHGHG

BeetrootOldDeer Fri 26-May-06 16:53:59


Hoopoe Fri 26-May-06 16:55:50

Oh and he's not fat

Hoopoe Fri 26-May-06 17:08:58

didn't know monsoon sells men's clothes?

BeetrootOldDeer Fri 26-May-06 17:09:55

yes does

MrsBadgerTheCelloPedaller Fri 26-May-06 17:12:26

ooh, def try Zara or H&M if he's working with Creative Types. Topman also have some rather sharp dark shirts if they're not cut too slim for him, but they won't last as well as expensive ones. Mexx is also worth a look as they have unusual colours sometimes too.

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