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Good or bad

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nutcracker Thu 25-May-06 17:44:26

Tried a top on in New Look today. It was red chiffon type thing with red ribbon under the bust (it's nice honest).

Anyway I tried a 12 on which is what I am and it was quite tight but it was tight under the bust which actually meant i was supported quite well even with my bra off.

It was quite low but not in a tarty way i don't think, but anyway what I'm getting at is, I'm a 34D, can I really get away with not wearing a bra or am i kidding myself ??

I'd need a bit of fake tan over my chest area as they don't actually get alot of exsposure, but i thought it might look nice with dark jeans and red shoes.

Any thoughts ?

TambaTheDragonSlayer Thu 25-May-06 17:46:42

Nutty, that sounds like my ideal outfit! esspecially the red shoes.

Your the same sizes as me and I would wear it without a bra - after all we're young enough too

(am going shopping tommorrow in Bham city centre - I m in town most afternoons, is that where you were? Will deffo look in new look then as I love red tops)

nutcracker Thu 25-May-06 17:48:07

I was in Sutton Tamba but i'd think they'd have it in Brum. They did it in bluey green too.

Am just not sure if i might feel a bit over exposed.

Am gonna try it on again and jump around a bit in the changing room and see what happens lol.

PanicPants Thu 25-May-06 17:48:29

PP dreams of being a 34D dolefully looking at her 34B chest {sigh}

TambaTheDragonSlayer Thu 25-May-06 17:49:04

lol if you knock yourself out then thats a bad sign

TambaTheDragonSlayer Thu 25-May-06 17:49:18

Oh and how much was it?

nutcracker Thu 25-May-06 17:49:23

But see if i was a B I wouldn't have had to ask mn about buying the top, it would be in my wardrobe now.

nutcracker Thu 25-May-06 17:50:04

Oooh can't remember the price now, I looked at that many tops.

It is quite bright red, not really any other top like it in there.

PanicPants Thu 25-May-06 18:02:02

B or not, there's no way I'd get away without a bra after breast feeding

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