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Inhibitif for preventing ingrowing hairs?

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bopfactory Tue 28-May-13 16:18:19

Has anyone tried the Inhibitif lotion from Boots? I've read in the blurb it's good for preventing ingrowing hairs (which I am plagued with!) but thought I would ask the Mumsnet S&B gurus before investing. (At 30 quid a bottle I don't want to splurge on yet another product that doesn't work...)

thanks ladies!

curiositykilledthekat Tue 28-May-13 20:55:41

I want a bottle too but its a lot to shell out. I epilate and I get terrible in growing hairs so would definately consider buying if they stop this problem!

mrscumberbatch Tue 28-May-13 21:51:11

I haven't seen any reviews from testers online yet.

I don't see how it can work to be honest, but if there's a lot of positive reviews I'll be first in line to hand them my £30!

watching with interest!

Laska42 Thu 30-May-13 18:36:48

also interested anyone tried it yet and can report?

Fairygen Mon 03-Jun-13 13:03:17

I desperately want to try this, but as you said,it's a lot of money if it's just another con. I've bought loads of lotions and potions over the years, none of which have done what they were supposed it.

There are a couple of reviews on YouTube, but not sure how honest they are. Also, I think( i did get a bit distracted and ended up watching nono reviews!!) the girl was applying it to her arm. Arm hair is the least of my worries!!

bawabod Mon 03-Jun-13 17:02:16

I have PCOS have been using this on my legs . It has worked for me I used to shave my legs almost every other day but very little shows now after a week I can feel the regrowth rather then see it. My hair is very dark. I followed the instructions to the letter. Hope they bring one out for the face at present I have forked out for laser on my face which has worked but need top-ups .Look at the reviews on the boots website. I am now about to start my second bottle. Worth every penny to me saves alot of time and hassle.

bawabod Mon 03-Jun-13 17:09:59

Sorry I was talking about the lack of hair growing but I have noticed less ingrowing around my bikini line which I have waxed, but I am dry brushing all over. Its all guns blazing and war on the hair !!!

Empross76 Mon 03-Jun-13 17:22:32

I just bought it - had points on my Boots card!
I'm using it on my underarms. Only day 2 so not much to report yet, but can get back with updates if anyone's interested!

Fairygen Mon 03-Jun-13 18:07:45

Oh, didn't realise you couldn't use it on your face. Would love to hear how everyone gets on with it longer term

meglet Mon 03-Jun-13 20:12:53

Marking my space. I'd looked at it but wasn't willing to risk it just yet.

bawabod Mon 03-Jun-13 21:17:50

I have been using it for about 2months. Yep the lady at boots told me it was not for the face but I will try it now on my underarms as well.

LizzyDay Mon 03-Jun-13 23:06:37

I bet the face thing is like the clothes manufacturers saying you have to dry clean everything. hmm

Is 'tache skin so different from arm skin??

Maybe it is... Anyway I haven't tried it so can't comment. It is bloody pricey though, what's in it, gold follicle lightsabre zapper or something?

GeetTallBird Tue 04-Jun-13 07:25:50

Marking place as a hairy legged one

NurseRatchet Tue 04-Jun-13 07:35:01

If it is help with ingrown hairs you want rather than general re growth then try Tend Skin loti

NurseRatchet Tue 04-Jun-13 07:35:30

If it is help with ingrown hairs you want rather than general re growth then try Tend Skin lotion.

ninjasquirrel Tue 04-Jun-13 07:47:28

I've never heard of this stuff but I'm intrigued - and what does the 'Tend Skin' stuff do?

Fairygen Tue 04-Jun-13 13:00:28

lizzy, probably right about the face thing. I had a nose on the website and it just says it hasn't been tested on facial hair yet.

bopfactory Tue 04-Jun-13 13:07:19

Mmm, sounds like the Tend Skin stuff might be what I'm looking for then, to tackle the ingrowing hair problem. Have been using Skin Doctors 'Ingrow Go' but I'm not sure it's done that much good keep forgetting to put it on every day. And maybe Inhibitif would at least mean the itchiness doesn't happen for a week or so after shaving rather than every other day!

unapologetic Tue 04-Jun-13 17:43:12

I didn't find Tend Skin did anything at all.

Fairygen Wed 05-Jun-13 19:29:28

bop, I've used 'Hair No More' and 'Ingrow Go' from Skin Doctors. It's hard to say which was the biggest waste of time/money, they were both equally rubbish.

bopfactory Fri 28-Jun-13 11:00:38

OK, found myself in the local big Boots yesterday and was feeling reckless so purchased a bottle of Inhibitif to try out! It says on the leaflet that the best results are achieved straight after waxing, but I'm going to give it a go with my usual shaving routine. I shall report back!

Putthechocolatedownandbackaway Fri 05-Jul-13 19:44:22

I'm been using Inhibitif for nearly 5 weeks now. Decided on a very nerdy experiment where I'm putting it on one calf, and not the other. I have coarse dark hair on my legs (much coarser and darker than on my head - what's that about ?), and very pale skin, and so far, it has had absolutely no effect whatsoever. Zip. Zilch. Nada.

The photos on their website show reduced hair growth on exactly the type of hair I have, so will persevere for at least 60 days and see what happens. I note that they say 60 days "... or until hair regrowth appears reduced...". Wonder how long that 'Until' might stretch ?!

Laser treatment didn't work for me either (went to the private clinic at the Royal Free Hospital, not a salon), so maybe I'm just fated to be a Hairy Mary. sad

Talisin Fri 05-Jul-13 22:04:37

I'm just nearing the end of week two using the stuff so too early to say if it's reducing hair growth but it is having some success with ingrowing hairs. I don't think I'd pay £29.99 just for that aspect however. Oh and fair warning - it stains you yellow (or it does if you're pale like me). I can live with that everywhere but armpits where it looks like I haven't washed for weeks so giving up there, at least until it gets colder and long sleeves are back.

Empross76 Sun 07-Jul-13 23:47:51

I started using Inhibitif at the beginning of June, so 5-6 weeks in here. Am using it on my legs and underarms and am shaving.

Haven't noticed any change at all. I'm wondering if I'd have waxed to start with and then just topped up by shaving if it would have been more effective?

Of if it's just shit?!

Empross76 Thu 22-Aug-13 09:12:21

Reporting back - didn't work. In fact, my legs seemed spikier. Sigh.

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