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I am so fed up of maternity clothes

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NewChoos Tue 28-May-13 08:20:37

I am due early July - will have 2 stone to lose.
What can I buy for the remainder of the 'summer'?
I want things that are stylish but casual....

5f4 and a bit of an apple at the best of times. Will hopefully be bf.

MrsHelsBels74 Tue 28-May-13 08:29:42

What size are you? I've got some summer maternity gear from last year. It's size 14 mainly but mostly jersey/stretchy material. Can e-mail you pictures if you're interested?

NewChoos Tue 28-May-13 08:32:11

That's very kind - I am a 14.
I was also thinking about getting a few things for the weeks afterwards - I have no idea what to get though.

MrsHelsBels74 Tue 28-May-13 08:34:44

Well PM me if you're interested, I was going to charity shop them anyway.

To be honest I lived in my pyjamas & maternity clothes once the baby arrived.

NewChoos Tue 28-May-13 08:36:46

I think I did too - but was considering making an effort, although not entirely sure how much time I will have with a new born and a toddler.

Will pm you, thank you.

RakeABedOfTyneFilth Tue 28-May-13 08:58:31

NewChoos, I had my DS in August in a hot summer. My most stylish factor was nicely shaped trousers and nice shoes. Especially if you bf you may find your uterus quickly shrinks dramatically and your hips/waist will be back to, if not normal, a sort of plateau size which only then changes if you do mega exercise or the opposite. I bought some cerise chinos from H&M about 2/3 weeks post birth which I wore for three years. Up top, because of feeding, there are fewer options, but the best I found was various colours of vest tops layered under patterned sheer tops baggy/loose enough to lift up. Lift top, tug down vest, unpop bra - discreet feeding.

Being colourful is a great distractor.

littleducks Tue 28-May-13 09:14:05

I'm only 20 weeks and just about to buy maternity stuff, the weather doesn't make it easy at all. One day I think that linen trousers and kaftans are the way to go then the next I'm looking at thick jumpers.

When I was a SAHM while pregnant I lived in maternity jeans, its trickier this time as I am working. Some of the things on the GAP website look nice but they aren't cheap.

Pinkflipflop Tue 28-May-13 09:19:16

No help at all but please don't be fed up with your maternity clothes!

Am sure you look at blooming and glowing and gorgeously pregnant!

I have a 4 month ds and miss my bump and maternity clothes and didnt appreciate it enough at the time!


Pinkflipflop Tue 28-May-13 09:20:04

Oh and I lived in Boden maternity tunics (via eBay) and scarves

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