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Wedding outfit - help and ideas!

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floramckitchen Mon 27-May-13 18:31:03

I am going to my cousins wedding at the end of June and have no idea what to wear. Its going to be a formal church do followed by a hog roast and disco! So I am finding it hard to find an outfit that will suit both bits of the day (formal v casual). Any suggestions would be very helpful.
I am 46, 5ft 4ins, size 8-10, don't like my upper arms but quite happy with everything else.

MrsLettuce Mon 27-May-13 19:55:39

What's you colouring? Budget?

MrsLettuce Mon 27-May-13 19:57:45

Oh, sorry, yes, what's your usual sort of style?

floramckitchen Mon 27-May-13 20:00:36

I can spend up to about £100 and like quite fitted dresses. I have quite pale skin and brown/mouse hair.


MrsLettuce Mon 27-May-13 20:31:57

100 for the whole outfit, right?

this is lovely. I can't decide if I prefer the cobalt or the navy TBH. Maybe with a fab wee hat and heels for the formal part and low wedges for the casual part? Sleeves is always going to be cooler, more comfortable and more stylish than keeping a cover up on at all times regardless.

MrsLettuce Mon 27-May-13 21:10:54

does yellow suit you?
this is very nice

I still like the asos one best though and of course it wouldn't need two sets of accessories at all.

floramckitchen Mon 27-May-13 21:24:46

Thanks MrsLettuce - I like the red one but thought that red was a no-no for weddings! Really like it tho - and the floral one.

I will have to have a look in Zara.

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Mon 27-May-13 21:28:14

Ooh that last Zara one is gorgeous, of OP is not norky. Could wear with bright wedges and clutch, or tan wedges and clutch maybe.

MrsLettuce Mon 27-May-13 21:28:15

Red is fine for weddings. No problem at all. If in doubt start a quick thread in chat.

MrsLettuce Mon 27-May-13 21:29:09

that's my favourite of the zara dresses too remus.

floramckitchen Mon 27-May-13 21:33:16

Hadn't looked at the last one! tis lovely but I would have to try it on with my 32e/f's !

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Mon 27-May-13 21:34:22

Nope - it won't work then. I'm 32E and would look huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge in it. sad

MrsLettuce Mon 27-May-13 21:37:36

Oh hell, no, that'd be awful. All the zara dresses were high necked weren't they? Sorry! Assumed 8 to 10 meant wee boobs.

floramckitchen Mon 27-May-13 21:42:02

Don't want to look huuuuuuuuuuuuuuge !

floramckitchen Mon 27-May-13 21:43:19

Some high neck dresses look ok me but some just wont sit right across my chest .....

MrsLettuce Mon 27-May-13 21:52:39

Looking huuuuuuuuuuge is implausible at your size envy. Just a case of flattering nad less flattering, I'd say/

floramckitchen Mon 27-May-13 22:06:39

Its easy for me to look 'swamped' in some outfits - I can look like a kid playing dress up! I think less is more for me. I think plain colours are usually better than busy prints too.

MrsLettuce Mon 27-May-13 22:15:08

I still think the asos dress is Very Nice.

FairPhyllis Mon 27-May-13 22:30:38

Sleeves and a v neck seems to be hard to find atm.

Black floral
Mint floral
Green wrap
I love this
Has sleeves!
Great Plains

floramckitchen Mon 27-May-13 22:39:19

FairPhyllis - thankyou ! I love the black floral one but wonder if its too black for a wedding ?

MrsLettuce Mon 27-May-13 22:53:11

The black floral one is lovely. Most certainly fine for a wedding.

FairPhyllis Mon 27-May-13 23:07:12

I wouldn't go all black for a wedding. But black floral is imo a chic way of doing floral and perfectly ok for a wedding. I'd keep accessories non-black.

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Tue 28-May-13 10:42:08

Yes, the black floral would be fine. Bright accessories or I love black and tan (but am a tan freak generally tbh). If you're tiny though, all that gathering stuff might swamp you somewhat.

I like the 40s feel to this but is it a bit casual?

floramckitchen Tue 28-May-13 18:55:15

I like that one Remus ! a good price too - I will have money left over to spend on some shoes.

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