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Best Hairdresser in Central Oxford for a Blow Dry, please!

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polyhymnia Mon 27-May-13 12:01:17

Am going to a wedding in Oxford in July, not wearing a hat and want to have my hair blown dry there in the morning. I'm aiming for something like my usual short choppy style but with more volume (but NOT a helmet!).

Please could someone recommend a salon that's central, modern and excellent - price not a consideration for this.


polyhymnia Mon 27-May-13 12:08:03

PS - Mahogany look a possible - interested if anyone's tried them. If people do have favourites, names of particular stylists would be great.


SingingSilver Mon 27-May-13 13:20:14

In Oxford I always use the Anne Veck salon, but I have to say their blowdrys aren't always great. I have very thick long hair and I think they get tired!

But I have heard good things about Mahogany. It might be worth asking on an Oxford Uni students forum to get stylist recommendations?

Jazzicatz Mon 27-May-13 13:24:52

I used to go to Mahogany and they were great, all their stylists are great. Hope the wedding goes well!

littlediamond33 Mon 27-May-13 16:22:23

mahogany all the way!

cassell Mon 27-May-13 16:23:42

I like Matthew Cululee - more interested in giving you an individual approach that suits you rather than a generic 'modern' look like somewhere like mahogany - that said my dsds like mahogany

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