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Ideas for perfume

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googlenut Sun 26-May-13 21:52:31

Going through duty free on Tuesday and want to buy some perfume. Something to wear thru the day so not too heavy but that will be distinctive.
Any ideas?

MacaYoniAndCheese Sun 26-May-13 22:00:11

Chanel Chance Eau Tendre is my new favourite. It's definitely a day-to-night scent and never feels cloying.

nomoreminibreaks Sun 26-May-13 22:02:29

I got some Jimmy Choo recently after reading rave reviews on here. I love it!

timidviper Sun 26-May-13 22:04:32

Jimmy Choo is nice and it was on the plane when we flew home today.

Chipstick10 Sun 26-May-13 22:10:44

Chanel chance, the original. It's light and pretty.

oldfatandtired1 Sun 26-May-13 22:22:03

Issy Miyake (sp?). It's fresh and lovely.

itsnothingoriginal Sun 26-May-13 23:06:59

I've just got Jimmy Choo too - love it!

googlenut Mon 27-May-13 04:41:33

Thanks for all these. Is the jimmy choo one just called that or are there different types?

nomoreminibreaks Mon 27-May-13 08:35:39

Yes it's just Jimmy Choo eau de parfum/toilette. choo/2495 Hope this link works

nomoreminibreaks Mon 27-May-13 08:36:37

choo/2495 try again

nomoreminibreaks Mon 27-May-13 08:39:45

last try!

itsnothingoriginal Mon 27-May-13 10:40:55

I've got Jimmy Choo 'Flash' - liked it even more than the original one!

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