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Part 5- And the perfumes just keep on coming...

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shoeprincess2 Sun 26-May-13 20:55:45

Shiny new thread for some shiny new perfumes (and classics and niche brands)

Haberdashery Sun 26-May-13 21:11:32

SOTD - Zeta which was lovely on a sunny day with ice lollies at the park.

coffeeinbed Sun 26-May-13 21:15:08

Oh Haber!
Must get some Zeta.

FrugalFashionista Sun 26-May-13 21:24:46

Thanks Shoe and cannot believe we are in Vol 5! Collective upgrade - the level of expertise here is pretty incredible too... grin

ToysRLuv Sun 26-May-13 21:59:43

Wow, new thread!

SOTD: Venezia.

CointreauVersial Sun 26-May-13 22:23:13

Helloooo new thread! Blimey.

SOTD was Premier Figuier, but I drowned it out this afternoon with a big spray of Eau des Baux during a swift browse in L'Occitane (before I was dragged out by DS, who wanted to get to Hollister before closing timeangry ). I really love it, and think I need a decant.

Haberdashery Sun 26-May-13 22:45:12

Do get some Zeta, coffee, it's so very lovely. I think Frugal described it as egg yolk yellow and it really is. All the lovely honey.

coffeeinbed Sun 26-May-13 22:48:18

Will do this Saturday.

hootiemcboob Sun 26-May-13 22:52:11

SOTD is L'Ete En Douce. I got a tiny sample from Surrender to Chance, think it's going to be this summer's fragrance.

coffeeinbed Sun 26-May-13 22:54:02

Boob, I do love it.
Perfect summer smell.

ChocsAwayInMyGob Mon 27-May-13 11:48:31

Wow, I'm feeling old. I remember the very first thread by show princess saying that Tubereuse Criminelle was the worst perfume ever!

ToysRLuv Mon 27-May-13 12:57:15

SOTD: Traversee du Bosphore.

Off to the post office now to finally post all the samples. Sorry it took so long, guys.

Successful preschool drop-off with ds. Hardly glanced in my direction and waved me goodbye with his back already turned to me. Hope it'll be the norm soon. Now if I could tackle potty training and fussy eating before he starts school, and we'll be laughing! confused

CointreauVersial Mon 27-May-13 13:16:22

<lightbulb> Of course, Toys, you're in Scotland..... (enjoying lazy Bank Holiday here....wink ).

shoeprincess2 Mon 27-May-13 13:45:18

It was anniewoo who started it all. I cannot take credit for it. Plus, I actually like Tubureuse Criminelle wink

ToysRLuv Mon 27-May-13 14:24:34

Well, just traipsed to the jeffing post office and lo and behold. Shut. So I guess it's a bank holiday here as well. Only the schools are open. confused

And apparently tomorrow they have planned strike action in the post office. hmm

So, now I think it only fair that I chuck some freebie samples in there. Fuzzy and Cointreau would you fancy any others from my list?


Up to date availables list below (please check and tell me if I left any of your bagsied ones here - although I think I've got them all):


Acqua di Parma : Magnolia Nobile, approx. 1.6 ml
Etat Libre D'Orange : Putain des Palaces, approx 1.2 ml
Encens & Bubblegum, approx 1.2 ml
Lush/Gorilla Perfumes : Ginger, approx 1.3 ml
Tauer : Pentachord White, approx 1.7 ml
CB I Hate Perfume : At the Beach 1966, approx 0.9 ml
Keiko Mecheri : Peau de Peche, approx 0.7 ml
L'Artisan Perfumeur : Voleur de Roses, approx 0.7 ml
Al Oudh, approx 0.7 ml
Fou d'Absinthe, approx 0.6 ml
Passage D'Enfer, approx 0.9 ml
Comme des Garcons : Incense Series - Kyoto, approx 0.9 ml
X Undercover - Holygrace
Juliette Has A Gun : Citizen Queen, approx 1.0 ml
Jimmy Choo : Jimmy Choo, Eau de Parfum, approx 1.7 ml
Hermes: Un Jardin Sur Le Nil, approx 0.8 ml
Histoires de Parfums : Tubereuse 1 (Capricieuse), approx 1.7 ml
Tubereuse 2 (Virginale), approx 1.7 ml
Burberry : Body, approx 1.4 ml
Calvin Klein : CK One Shock, approx 0.6 ml
IN2YOU Her, approx 1.1 ml
Emporio Armani : Remix, approx 0.7 ml

Mini Perfumes:

Kenzo: Kenzo Eau de Toilette, approx 3.8 ml
L'Eau Par Kenzo, approx 4.8 ml

Fuckit : Have PMd you - please send me your address so I can send you the goodies!

PeaceandFUCKINGLove Mon 27-May-13 14:53:22

Where can I buy a sample set of the Chanel exclusifs? I am scared to order from Surrender to Chance because I am worried that customs will destroy the parcel.

Thanks smile

CointreauVersial Mon 27-May-13 15:59:24

Toys, if you are sure.....would love to try the CB I Hate Perfume At The Beach.......

CointreauVersial Mon 27-May-13 16:00:16

And sorry to hear about your wasted trip to the PO, what a pain.

ToysRLuv Mon 27-May-13 16:06:22

Cointreau: Sure! Any others you fancy?

Peace: Is Surrender to Chance in the US? I got my Luckyscent stuff from there fine. They put "gift" on the packet to avoid customs costs/problems.

CointreauVersial Mon 27-May-13 16:33:14

Peace, I've had several sample sets from StC recently, with no problems. There's no way to tell from the outside that there's perfume inside (unless you are buying full-sized bottles).

PeaceandFUCKINGLove Mon 27-May-13 16:39:15

Thanks for the replies. I might go for it then. Are there any customs costs involved (I am in the UK)?

CointreauVersial Mon 27-May-13 16:43:04

Nope, it just turns up in the post.

FrugalFashionista Mon 27-May-13 16:53:49

SOTD Le Labo Labdanum.
DD2 refused to eat because 'mommy stinks' confused

PeaceandFUCKINGLove Mon 27-May-13 16:54:04

I have just ordered! <fingers crossed>

ToysRLuv Mon 27-May-13 17:40:35

Frugal: grin

While in Finland, df went shopping for a new car. First was the audi showroom, and he took me and ds along. Ds wanted to see inside one of the cars and sat there for a minute or two while df talked with the salesman. Ds then spotted a red car he wanted to get into. I dutifully opened the door and ds peered in. Instantly, he made a face and declared very loudly, so that everyone could hear: “NO! I will not get inside this car. It smells DISGUSTING!“

It was just a particularly pungent new car smell. And it was the most expensive car in the showroom. But obviously no good at all.. grin Df got a Merc in the end.

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