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Swimming costumes for tall girls

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Kernowgal Sun 26-May-13 19:26:39

Tried a couple of cossies on in Debenhams yesterday for forthcoming holiday. The underwires sat a good 2" below the bottom of my boobs and looked utterly ridiculous. I am tallish (5'10) but my height is in my legs, not my torso. D'hams seemed to do a 'tall' version but only in the styles I didn't like or boring black.

Aside from Long Tall Sally, where is good for slightly longer swimsuits? I have never had a problem buying a cossie before so I am baffled by my D'hams experience. Will try M&S tomorrow but any suggestions v welcome.

Scruffey Sun 26-May-13 19:29:49

The fit of costumes of the same size and brand can really vary. I would suggest trying a lot on unfortunately. I have similar probs and do have one from long tall Sally but it was quite expensive and not great quality so I wouldn't really recommend anyway.

FadBook Sun 26-May-13 19:30:09

Next online, think Geri Halliwell's range is tall no idea why given she's about 5'3 grin

Debenhams online, I got one last year and it was deemed "tall". Wouldn't have known that they did tall.

Try Newlook (online too --do you see a theme?--) have a range of expensive tall clothes, not sure if they do swimwear

Kernowgal Sun 26-May-13 19:36:22

Thanks both!

For normal non-holiday swimming I have an Adidas cossie and a Speedo cossie and both are absolutely fine, which makes me think Debenhams is the problem here. I'll try some other places tomorrow when I'm in town. I have a voucher for Next too, so that could be great (and Monsoon now I think about it).

jalopy Sun 26-May-13 20:54:41

Lands End do long body costumes.

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