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Celebrities who are always wearing the SAME bloody thing...

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Nehru Sun 26-May-13 10:28:25

No 1 Vorderman of Carol,
always a stretchy dress in a bright colour or terrible beige. Either or. tight. SHort sleeves
OR those terrible jeans.
This woman is LOADED - I want more variety please.

Nehru Sun 26-May-13 10:29:13

here are the jeans
A quick google of " carol voderman bad jeans" gets you there

dopeysheep Sun 26-May-13 10:34:40

Not clothed but can Frankie from the Saturdays please get a new haircut? That lopsided one gives me neck ache. Thanks.

Nehru Sun 26-May-13 10:36:27

good call there
Yup - same old.
ANd can the blonde one get some trousers?

Nehru Sun 26-May-13 10:38:12

ooh - Can thingy off playschool get a new necklace please?
sentimenal is ok but it JUST DOESNT GO with everything

FunnyLittleFrog Sun 26-May-13 10:59:25

Floella can wear what she likes she is 64

Simon Cowell needs to stop with the bright white shirts and black polo necks

TheRealFellatio Sun 26-May-13 11:03:12

Blimey. that dress looks like an entry in the Make Your Own Party Frock Using Nothing But Your Bare Hands And a Catering Sized Roll of Bacofoil Competition. She does look good for 64 though.

Agree about the necklace. nice with jeans and white shirt, but ball gown, no.

MortifiedAdams Sun 26-May-13 11:04:50

Holly 'tea dress' Willoughby

Davina Mccall seems to only ever wear black

TheCrackFox Sun 26-May-13 11:12:25

Caroline Flack - doesn't matter what the temperature is she always wears shorts.

TheCrackFox Sun 26-May-13 11:13:31

Does Floella ever age?

ChewingOnLifesGristle Sun 26-May-13 11:18:36

Elizabeth Hurley (don't hear about her much these days) always looks the same to me. Always the same long dress with the split in it.

BranchingOut Sun 26-May-13 11:18:55

Floella looks amazing! I saw her present at a live children's event and she was really stunning and had such amazing presence on stage.

FunnyLittleFrog Sun 26-May-13 11:24:07

Helena Bonham Carter always does the hiking socks and ball gown kooky thing

Chilliandbanana Sun 26-May-13 11:28:29

Tamara Ecclestone (although not sure she counts as a sleb) and her bandage dresses.

Nehru Sun 26-May-13 11:35:55

All good calls

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Sun 26-May-13 12:01:06

Not a celeb but Carol the weather lady always wears hideous brightly coloured dresses, which look as if they have been made out of wetsuit material.

I think FB looks lovely, even in her tinfoil dress.

Nehru Sun 26-May-13 12:10:19

its a bit bridal isnt it, she is also devoid of sleeves always
Mind you every other news persenter wears BORING pencil dresses.

ChewingOnLifesGristle Sun 26-May-13 12:49:57

I meant to say I def agree about Carol Vorderman though. I wonder if she has a job lot of 'those' dresses. They always look so uncomfortable too.

cocolepew Sun 26-May-13 13:00:01

Kate Moss
Victoria Beckham.

SundaySimmons Sun 26-May-13 16:12:53

Aniston and Stefani.

They've had the same style for years.

Callycat Sun 26-May-13 16:15:44

Not sure what's wrong with the Vorderman jeans (though I'm admittedly clueless about fashion). I will concede the dresses, though.

FunnyLittleFrog Sun 26-May-13 16:49:31

Heck yes, Victoria Beckham and her gigantic glasses.

thestringcheesemassacre Sun 26-May-13 16:51:25

Oh yes agree re Aniston. Always the same black dress poker straight hair, tight jeans. Boring.

MacaYoniAndCheese Sun 26-May-13 17:14:26

Pippa Middleton and the bloody 'Pippa' bag.

ItsintheBag Sun 26-May-13 17:14:35

Adele love her but always in black

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