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La Roche Posay tinted sunscreen

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AuntieMaggie Sun 26-May-13 10:21:12

Do you use moisturiser with this? and if so do you put it on before or after?

spanishring Sun 26-May-13 10:31:09


YoniOno Sun 26-May-13 11:23:21

Yes and before. It's a bit pore-clogging but am willing to put up with a few spots now to be line-free in twenty years.

FrugalFashionista Sun 26-May-13 12:08:37

No, I don't. I find it hydrating enough without. Layering many products often causes creasing and pilling. I moisturize at night. I get spots from most sunscreens but this is surprisingly good.

AuntieMaggie Sun 26-May-13 15:16:32

Thank you ladies smile Have tried it today without and seems to be ok.

I tried to test the sunsense one too but they didn't have a tester in John Lewis and I wasn't about to buy it without being able to try it (even though the sales assistant thought I should...)

kiwigirl42 Sun 26-May-13 15:20:59

I use it by itself and find that is adequate. I have both the LRP and the Sunsense one - I like the Sunsense one very slightly more as I find the LRP leaves a slight white cast while the sunsense one is adequately tinted to not leave any cast at all.

You can get sunsense for good prices on Amazon - they even do an anti wrinkle version which will be my next purchase (when I've used these 2!)

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