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Well, my 3-week old £45 Monsoon jeans have a hole in the knee...

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Gillian76 Wed 24-May-06 15:24:59

I haven't caught them on anything and have just noticed it today.

Shall I take them back? I don't have the receipt any longer I don't think.

FioFio Wed 24-May-06 15:25:49

Message deleted

MeAndMyBoy Wed 24-May-06 15:25:52

Definately take them back, i would think you wouldn't need to receipt they are faulty.

Gillian76 Wed 24-May-06 15:35:33

Does anyone know for definite if I need the receipt? It's quite a trek back with them, but I can't afford to lose £45. The jeans are now unwearable

saffy202 Wed 24-May-06 15:44:36

How did you pay for them? If you have a credit card or bank statement that should be fine.

Gillian76 Wed 24-May-06 16:03:58

No, I think I paid cash...

Orlando Wed 24-May-06 16:08:38

Similar thing happened to me a couple of years ago, only it was a sort of pulled-loop on the back of the knee, and it must've been there when I bought them and I just didn't notice.

I rang and told them about it in a very 'don't suppose you can do anything about it' sort of tone, and they were really nice and told me to come in and they'd swap them for me. They also put some on one side until I could get there. I'd actually paid on a Monsoon account card, which I think would have covered me if they'd been arsey, but it didn't come to that and they swapped them without complaint. I reckon the secret is to be very non-agressive and get them onside straight away!

Amiable Wed 24-May-06 16:28:33

I'm pretty sure that if the goods are faulty your statutory rights should mean you can exchange them without a receipt. you may not get a refund though.

cupcakes Wed 24-May-06 16:51:36

you won't get a refund but they might swap them - but only at current value if they have been reduced since.

Gillian76 Thu 25-May-06 13:41:12

The changed them with no problem. Hope this pair are better

cupcakes Thu 25-May-06 14:00:41

oh good.

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