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please help me find a dress..

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membershipcard Sat 25-May-13 15:44:06

I am ...
late 40s
size 14
chunky legs
PALE skin

I need it for a family 'do' and I am panicking! I really don't know where to sart

membershipcard Sat 25-May-13 15:44:44

Sorry posted too early

don't know where to start.

Thank you

dexter73 Sat 25-May-13 15:49:18

Do you want sleeves, what colour, what length, budget, is it a posh do or more casual? Just to narrow things down a bit!

membershipcard Sat 25-May-13 15:54:47

Thanks Dexter

sleeves- yes
colour- nothing pastel
length - knee length ish
budget - under £100
Kind of posh, casual

Phineyj Sat 25-May-13 15:59:44

Try the sale dresses on here. I love their stuff! (I also have chunky legs and pale skin):

BardOfBarking Sat 25-May-13 16:02:56

Do you like this shape?

Phineyj Sat 25-May-13 16:04:01

Something like ths maybe? The jersey ones hang nicely and don't need ironing.

BardOfBarking Sat 25-May-13 16:05:24

I'm not a dissimilar sounding shape to you and I have something very much like this which is very flattering.

BardOfBarking Sat 25-May-13 16:11:23

this is super value

membershipcard Sat 25-May-13 16:51:21


I like the last phase-eight one barking linked to, but it might be a bit too warm if the weather is good.
I'm struggling to open the links on the iPad but will battle on.

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