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Straw poll - will you be wearing leggings under dresses this summer?

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Pinkflipflop Fri 24-May-13 15:20:25

I hope this is still acceptable!

Dresses are so, so short everywhere!

Leggings mean I don't have to fake tan blush and keep me warm!

Will you be wearing leggings this summer?

NorthernLurker Fri 24-May-13 16:14:40

I will be.

toastandmarmiterocks Fri 24-May-13 16:15:22

No to leggings I'm afraid. I don't think they are flattering.

SgtTJCalhoun Fri 24-May-13 16:17:04

Yes. Most of my friends do too and we are not a frumpy bunch at all wink.

Pinkflipflop Fri 24-May-13 16:18:48

What is the difference between a short dress and a tunic?

nkf Fri 24-May-13 16:19:04

I will. It's great. The summer frock for the sunny intervals. The leggings because it will be chilly. And a cardi for the windy bits. Dated? Who cares?

Pagwatch Fri 24-May-13 16:23:17

If people want to wear them I don't recoil in horror or anything.
I just don't like them not least because anything that cuts your leg in half makes legs look shorter and mine are short enough.
I just look for knee length. I can wear knee length. French connection have some nice knee length summer dresses. I have about three of those.
I only wear skirts and dresses so mine get worn for great chunks of the year

parabelle Fri 24-May-13 16:28:01

Am wearing dress (v. short) and leggings today. May have ruined the look with winter books, cardigan and a winter coat. It's sooooo cold!

LilacBreastedRoller Fri 24-May-13 16:28:19

I've never done this and I'm not about to start now. If I think a dress it too short to feel comfortable in, I just don't buy it. By it's very nature a dress isn't something which prompts me to consider extra bottom-half garments. But I don't care if other people do this, it's just not for me.

LilacBreastedRoller Fri 24-May-13 16:29:14

blush at "it's".

Trill Fri 24-May-13 16:30:08


FrugalFashionista Fri 24-May-13 16:52:20

I'd probably have the varicose veins seen to and treated. A friend just had this done and she is very happy with the results. In the meantime, wear leggings by all means. But does the top really need to be a dress?

LadyVoldemort Fri 24-May-13 17:12:38

It's a no from me.
I hate my legs so either wear linen trews, maxi dresses/skirts or knee length dresses. Leggings just don't look right on me

SgtTJCalhoun Fri 24-May-13 17:15:38

Yes because we're all in the position of being able to have touch up cosmetic surgery to correct our little imperfections frugalfashionista grin.

Thesebootsweremadeforwalking Fri 24-May-13 17:17:58

I will be.

thoughtsbecomethings Fri 24-May-13 17:19:33

With dresses I will depends on the style of the dress.

FrugalFashionista Fri 24-May-13 17:36:15

My friend had hers done via the public healthcare system. MIL had the same procedure. Both very satisfied. And another friend had some ugly spider veins zapped with a laser and it cost less than 100€. But that of course would buy a lot of leggings - your choice... wink

Yonihadtoask Fri 24-May-13 17:38:46

Not me. I wear running capris most days - for running.

If am wearing a dress - I am bare legged.

If it's cold - I wear jeans. Still waiting to get out my summer dresses..

FunLovinBunster Fri 24-May-13 17:42:37

Bit Chav, tbh.

VikkiiKawaii Fri 24-May-13 17:44:01

I wear leggings with some of my dresses and I certainly don't think I'm a chav. It's comfy and good for the day when it's just a touch to cold to go bare legged.

RussiansOnTheSpree Fri 24-May-13 17:49:10

God yes. Or tights. Or jeans. Because ultimately WARMTH is what matters. HTH

BranchingOut Fri 24-May-13 17:50:25

No, I never got into this and think it is a bit late to start now...

I tend to wear knee length or just above knee length dresses and ignore any imperfections on my legs. When it is super hot, I really don't care!

Decided not to worry about maxi dresses this year either. Tried last year and couldnt find one - my stomach is still a bit bulgy (size 12), so I don't think they're for me. The rest of me is fairly slim, so the tendency to look a bit pregnant is always a danger in a maxi dress.

nkf Fri 24-May-13 17:51:26

I think the combination looks simple and feels comfortable. But that's what I like. I don't think that I've ever liked anything that is highly regarded on MN. For example, the advice to wear jeans and heels on a date. And I notice that everything that gets the thumbs down is high on my list of desirable clothing.

NorthernLurker Fri 24-May-13 17:58:40

My plump thighs chafe and I don't think blotchy pale legs look very nice anyway and I'm not doing fake tan - so leggings best option grin

50shadesofbrown Fri 24-May-13 17:59:48

I would. Not because I feel the cold (which I do) but because the skin on my legs is awful, no matter how much I exfoliate, moisturise etc. No-one wants to see that!

Soupa Fri 24-May-13 18:00:19

Oh yes, my legs ruin the look of a summer frock. More bill beaumont than Kate moss.

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