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Hairdressers - Colour came out wrong!

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HaveAGoodDay Fri 24-May-13 10:53:15

Ok, so yesterday, i went to have the same colour done as i had a few months ago. Different stylist, but same colour, the colours (a mix) of what i thought was 2, was written down on my card. A nice rich dark chocolately brown with a hint of mahogany.

So i just asked for the same colour i had before. The colour was applied. Obviously it was applied to my roots first as i had regrowth there so my hair was lighter (which was the same case as last time). But this time the colour was only left on my lengths and ends for no longer than 10 minutes and wasn't 'saturated' in properly. Last time, the roots were done first, left on for 10 minutes, then my lengths & ends done and the whole lot left on for the remainder of the time - 30 mins or so.

So once my hair was dried, i could tell the colour wasn't right - my roots were glowing red, my lengths were not dark enough and patchy. I felt gutted. It's not like i feel really comfortable in the hairdressers,i don't go in that often. The girl who usually does my hair is on holiday. When the stylist asked me if my colour was alright, i had to say no.

I said the roots are too red, that this was not the same as last time. She said the mixed it as the card said & showed me the card, there were about 4 reds mixed in with 1 brown! Anyway, i wasn't happy, it wasn't her fault. I showed her a photo on my phone of myself of what my hair was like when i had it done last time & straight away she said that it was darker & if she'd she that photo first she wouldn't of put all those reds in.

Well it was sorted, she put a base brown on which subdued the red a bit. I just don't know why the colour came out so different this time. I felt a bit awkward about complaining but she was nice about it and i told her it wasn't her fault. Initially they wanted to charge me for the correction, but after a bit of negotiation, they decided not to.

Needless to say, i think its home colours from now on. Besides i don't think my husband is going to let me go anywhere near a hairdressers tinting brush again!

Oopla Fri 24-May-13 12:10:58

Don't give up the hairdressers, well done you for saying something though. I have many a time done the smile and nod and left feeling awful and awkward.

I thought the reason they wrote colours own was so reapplication was easier tbh so someone didn't do something right. Hope you got the outcome you wanted in the end and no they shouldn't try and charge you for their mistake!

HaveAGoodDay Fri 24-May-13 13:59:30

Well it looks better than the inital outcome, but no it's not what I wanted, it's not the same as the colour I had before. This is probably what I wanted to avoid, a very dark red, rather than a rich dark chocolate brown with just a hint of mahogany - tricky to achieve with a home colour, hence why I had it done at the hairdressers! Will have to bear with it though, just let it wash up over time & carefully choose a home colour when it needs doing again. Thing is I've become useless at dying my own hair - just can't get an accurate application. But after forking out £50 for this yesterday - hubby says no more salon colours for me & I can't blame him really.

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